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Should I Drive My Car or Use Auto Transport Service When I Move?

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You’ve packed the boxes, removed the junk, notified everyone of your new address, and avoided all the common mistakes of moving. But there’s one last issue you may not have considered: How do you plan to move all of your family’s cars?

This is a question that, unfortunately, comes up at the last minute for many movers. It’s especially complicated if the move is from one state to another or (even worse) across the country. In some cases, there might not be enough people to drive all the cars. Or it could simply be a case of not wanting to drive that far for that long.

Fortunately, it’s possible to hire auto transport services that will provide a solution to your problem. By offering safe, enclosed carriers and a professional crew to load and transport your vehicle, an auto transport service eliminates a major headache from your move.

Why Use an Auto Transport Service?

If you’re interested in auto transport services, you are not alone. The Global Car Carrier Market Report 2022-2026 projects that the global car carrier market will reach $975.92 million in 2026, growing 3 percent per year between 2022 and 2026.

But why use auto transport? Some of the most common reasons include the following.

Concerns About the Driver

This applies especially to seniors and college students. Loved ones are not thrilled by the prospect of either an elderly or a young driver covering thousands of miles during a move. Auto transport eliminates having to spend days and nights worrying about the safety of elderly parents or college-age children.

You Want to Avoid Wear and Tear

Making a move can add thousands of hard road miles onto the life of a vehicle. That speeds up the timetable for when routine maintenance work is needed, as well as the odds of getting into a costly accident (even “fender benders” can cost thousands of dollars). With auto transport, the journey adds zero miles to the odometer.

You Want to Stay Safe

Making a long-distance drive across the country involves going through big cities, rural areas with no place to stop, and long stretches of unfamiliar territory. This can increase the chances of accidents. It also can make you a victim of criminals who prey on drivers in isolated areas.

You Want The Convenience

There’s enough stress already in trying to plan and execute a smooth move (it helps to hire professionals who offer all the moving services you need). The time it takes to drive a car over a long road trip can add to that stress. There are also costs involved, including the costs of fuel, meals, and hotels while on the road.

You Want to Protect a Classic

Most people with classic cars or expensive luxury cars often choose to transport rather than drive their vehicle to eliminate the danger of damage. That danger is only eliminated if you choose to use enclosed auto transport carriers.

Good Greek Moving & Storage offers enclosed carriers in its auto transport services that are part of the company’s Total Relocation Solutions (they include moving, junk removal, and real estate services). The company’s auto transport services include the latest innovative technology to ensure the car is protected over the course of the trip.

The Good Greek himself, Spero Georgedakis, said that Good Greek’s auto transport services offer a good option whether you’re moving a luxury vehicle or your daughter’s first car. He added that “Good Greek auto transport boasts the most state-of-the-art, close-carriage trailers equipped with cameras and GPS tracking, so you always know where your car’s located.”

For those making a long-distance move – or moving a classic or luxury car from one location to another – auto transport services offer a solution that eliminates the need for the dangers and wears and tear of a long drive.

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