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What Are The Different Types of Leases?
By The Good Greek

15 May,2021
When renting a place to live, you can consider a variety of different types of leases. Most leases are either a periodic lease, fixed-term lease or sublease. It’s important to know the best uses of each one before signing on...

Why Is Jacksonville a Great Place to Live?
By The Good Greek

08 May,2021
Jacksonville is an attractive destination for newcomers that is starting to get national attention for the many amenities it offers. Jacksonville offers a growing arts and culture scene, affordability, great neighborhoods, the biggest urban park system in the U.S., and...
2021 Florida Playoffs Image with Logo in Black

Good Greek Proud to Partner With Playoff-Bound Panthers
By The Good Greek

01 May,2021
Good Greek Moving and Storage, the Official Movers of the Florida Panthers, is excited to support the team as they enter the playoffs and continue one of the best seasons in franchise history. The Panthers made the playoffs for the...
Pros and Cons of Moving

The Pros and Cons of Moving During The Week
By dm support

28 Apr,2021
Everyone who moves wants to find ways to trim costs. One surefire way is to schedule a move during a time when professional movers deal with fewer clients - that is, during the middle of the week. Not everyone can...
Collectibles Safely

How Do I Move Collectibles Safely?
By The Good Greek

19 Apr,2021
Moving collectibles can seem stressful. But getting them from Point A to Point B can be done safely by first identifying valuable items, researching the proper way to store and move them, getting materials you need and hiring a professional...

How Much Will My Move Cost?
By dm support

12 Apr,2021
When you start preparing for a move, cost is one of the first factors you want to consider. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what you will pay, because a variety of factors go into calculating the cost...
Reasons to Love Tampa

Reasons to Love Tampa
By dm support

05 Apr,2021
Tampa and the Tampa Bay region are among the fastest growing places in the United States. That’s because the region has so much to offer, including great jobs, fantastic weather, some of the best beaches in the country, a bustling...

How NOT To Prepare For Your Big Move
By dm support

01 Apr,2021
We’ve all heard the tips for ways to make your move go as smoothly as possible. But sometimes it is just as motivating to hear the things you should not do. In the case of preparing for a move, they...
What Is South Carolina Known For?

What Is South Carolina Known For?
By dm support

30 Mar,2021
South Carolina, called The Palmetto State, is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, great barbecue, beautiful beaches, advanced manufacturing, golf courses, and rich history. The state also ranks among the fastest-growing in the country. People typically move into...

Know The Warning Signs of Bad Movers Before You Hire Them?
By dm support

23 Mar,2021
If you pay attention to these warning signs of bad movers, you can avoid finding out about them after you’ve already committed to giving them money Bad moving companies that try to scam you out of money exist in every...

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