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Best Moving and Relocation Apps Available

top moving apps for apple and android

Everyone who is making a move always wants to find something that can take a little edge off the experience. Hiring a professional mover is a big step toward making your move more stress-free. Another is finding a good moving app.

Moving apps can help you in many different ways. They can help you organize your time, find someone to manage mundane chores, sell your stuff online and even find the best route to work once you settle in your new city.

The following 10 apps cover those topics and then some. While they won’t make your move completely stress-free, they can help with many moving-related headaches.

10 Moving Apps That Reduce Stress

The following apps are available to make your move much less stressful through the use of innovative technology. They can help you better plan, move and get to know your new location.

Google Keep

Google Keep works well in day-to-day life, but it’s especially helpful during a move. The list-making app makes it easy to keep track of important things on your moving list such as “things to toss out” or “everyone to contact to change my address.” Features offer the ability to add photos, create voice notes, share notes or lists with others, color code lists, and much more.

Get Google Keep for Apple, Android 


Moving also comes with many different little chores, like assembling new furniture or finding new lawn care services. TaskRabbit makes finding people who do these chores much easier. The list of services from background-checked providers on TaskRabbit include lawn care, grocery shopping, and delivery, TV mounting, repair person jobs, painting, and much more.

Get TaskRabbit for Apple, Android 


MoveAdvisor is one of the best moving task management apps. It can help you create a timeline for your move, contact all the services you need, help you coordinate packing, and put together that garage sale you plan to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Get MoveAdvisor for Apple, Android 


Speaking of stuff you don’t need, what do you plan to do with it if you don’t have time for a garage sale? OfferUp provides an answer, giving you the opportunity to make some cash by essentially holding a garage sale online. You can post your items for free and haggle with potential buyers.

Get OfferUp for Apple, Android


Need a roommate? Good ones are rare, scary ones are plentiful. The Roomi app takes the guesswork out of finding a good roommate. Simply answer the questions in the app that help find compatible roommates (fellow cat lovers and non-smokers, for example). You can even coordinate viewing places together so you can meet before making the fateful decision. Bottom line: It makes it easier to find a roommate who won’t drive you crazy, or steal your stuff.

Get Roomi for Apple, Android 


Chipolo offers a way to “find your missing personal items without losing your mind.” Keys top the list of items people lose seemingly every other day, especially during a move, but the Chipolo app works with any personal item. By attaching the Chipolo chip to your keyring (or in your purse, wallet, etc.) you can find it by pressing a button on the app that makes the device ring.

Get Chipolo for Apple, Android   


The best moving services will manage your packing and unpacking for you. However, if you’ve decided to do it yourself, the Sortly app can help. It gives you the ability to create an inventory of all your belongings, including photos, and then organize them however you want (by room, by item type, etc.) It’s a proven inventory management system also used by small businesses.

Get Sortly for Apple, Android 


Handling the laundry might be one chore too many when you’re trying to move. The Rinse app connects you with a laundry service that operates seven days a week. The service manages dry cleaning, wash and fold, hang dry, and even leather cleaning services. This is a great service during the move and as you settle into your new place.

Get Rinse for Apple, Android 


You’re likely not an interior decorator or architect. So, you need all the help you can get measuring the space of your new home and finding out where to place furniture ahead of time. With Magicplan, you can create a complete floor plan using measurements from your new place, and then try different alternatives for furniture placement. It’s good enough that contractors use it, so it should work for you.

Get Magicplan for Apple, Android 


Once you move into your new home, figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B is one of the biggest challenges. With TransitApp, you can map out the commute from your home to your job in 135 cities (and growing). It’s especially useful for those who take public transportation.

Get TransitApp for Apple, Android 

These best moving apps can make your Moving Day that much less stressful, which is something everyone can use. Remember when everyone said technology would make life easier? In the case of moving apps, it’s actually true.

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