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Rooted In Leadership & Service

Good Greek Moving & Storage’s founder and CEO, Spero Georgedakis, has a career deeply-rooted in leadership and service to others.

The Good Greek, Spero

At an early age, Spero developed a strong work ethic and began to stand out as a leader. He cultivated a desire to help others, and most importantly, treat people with respect. Staying true to his simple yet proven principles has served ‘The Good Greek’ well throughout his successful career.

A True American Success Story

Spero Georgedakis, the son of Greek immigrants, grew up in New York where he harnessed a drive to excel. During college, he conquered the pigskin while studying to go into Law Enforcement. He landed in South Florida after college to serve on the North Miami Police Department, quickly working his way up to the S.W.A.T. team. After nearly a decade as a civil servant, he switched gears with a drive to conquer the world of entrepreneurship. That’s the starting point when the move to the moving industry first began.

Out of A Negative Grew A Positive

“All experiences are learning experiences,” says our founder and leader. A partnership gone array, not only led Spero to found Good Greek Moving & Storage, it showed him exactly the type of organization he wanted to create.

Success Stemming From A Culture of Empowerment

With a smart, respectful management style, Spero created a loyal team that followed him to his new endeavor, Good Greek Moving & Storage. Twenty-two years later with a team of over 500, his company is a benchmark for the entire industry.

Here’s what his proven formula for success is built on:

Empowered Team

Spero is a leader but never a micromanager. He believes in a style of management that empowers his people to succeed independently and take ownership of their role within the company.

Cultivating Talent

Tapping into his law enforcement skills, he has set up processes to ensure only the best join the team. Once they arrive, team members are given the chance to grow and thrive – a win-win for all.

Extraordinary Service

Spero knows the way to the top spot in the industry is through his customers. And it works, he proudly serves up the impressive stat that 80% of his business comes from referrals.

Support + Tools

Spero understands that the key to a successfully empowered workforce is providing them with the support and tools they need to make the magic happen – and he does just that. Spero sees good things in the future for Good Greek Moving & Storage. With his proven business model for success, he has plans for growth and expansion in Florida and nationwide.

Spero The Good Greek

Spero The Good GreekSpero, when not working hard to foster the exponential growth of Good Greek Moving & Storage, might be found attending his twin girls’ piano recitals or catching a Marlins game. He sincerely believes in the philosophies of servitude and giving back and spends countless hours as well as donations to local charitable organizations to show his support for the community in which he lives and operates his business.

Trust The Leader With Your Move

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