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Moving Checklist

Whether you’re relocating locally or cross-country, moving is a complicated process. As experienced local Florida Movers, we have executed every type of move, overcoming numerous packing, loading and transportation challenges. Over the years, we have developed an efficient process that home and business clients can use for a stress-free move. Let’s take a look at our moving checklist.

Moving checklist by Good Greek Moving & Storage.

Three Months Before Move

Create the checklist. The “you” of three months from now will be very happy that you created a checklist to keep the move on track.

Start the purge. Now is the time to begin going through your belongings and getting rid of the items you don’t need. You can have a garage sale or give items away to your favorite charity. Also, find out where you can dispose of items that you can’t put in the house trash, such as house paint.

Look for a mover. You want to line up a mover early because dates tend to fill up in advance when you’re dealing with a reputable, dependable mover. Find movers with the proper licenses, a good reputation and a variety of moving services.

Two Months Before Move

Make an inventory list. Now that you have purged your stuff, you can make a list of everything for insurance purposes. Estimate the value to know how much moving insurance you need.

Order supplies. Whether you get them through the moving company or yourself, gather all the supplies you will need for your move. This is also the time to decide if you want to have the moving company pack your stuff.

Change of address. Fill out the change of address forms so your mail service will not be interrupted. Give your new address to your family and friends. Also, find out about how to register your car and change your driver’s license (if you are moving out of state).

Notify school. If you have kids, make sure to let the schools in your area know you are moving, and contact your new schools to find out about the enrollment process.

One Month Before Move

Reservations. Make any hotel or airline reservations that are needed for your move. Also, reserve storage space for your belongings, if needed.

Start packing. Be methodical. Go room by room, completing a room before moving on to the next one. Set up a staging area to put packed boxes that is out of the traffic flow in your house. Decide which items you want to transport yourself and separate them out (such as jewelry or family heirlooms).

Work arrangements. If you are moving but keeping your current job, make sure to put in for the time off needed to complete the move.

Two Weeks Before Move

Return items. If you are moving away from your current city, then return and collect all borrowed items. That includes library books (something people often forget!).

Utilities. Contact all your current utilities and give them a date to discontinue service. Also, call ahead to your new location and make sure that the utilities are turned on in advance of your arrival.

Car tune-up. If you are moving a long distance, now is a good time to get your car tuned up and checked out for any issues before you get on the road.

One Week Before Move

Travel bag. Pack a travel bag for each person that has all the clothes they will need during the move and for the first day at the new place as things are unpacked.

Move-in box. Pack a box that you will take in your own car that includes items you will need right away in the new place, such as cleaning supplies.

Refill prescriptions. Make sure you have refilled any prescriptions, so you won’t run out of medication during the move and in your first few weeks in the new location.

Clean up furniture. Wipe off the dust and dirt from the furniture before it is moved. Why bring dirty furniture to your new home? Our professional furniture movers will ensure that all items arrive at the new space in the same condition they left.

Moving Day

Beds. Strip the beds but leave them intact. If you’ve hired Good Greek Moving, we will dismantle the beds for you.

Meet the movers. Make sure you are there when the movers arrive so you can sign all the necessary forms and they can start right away with packing the truck. Confirm the delivery time at your new home and make sure the moving crew has the right address.

Check the new place. Arrive ahead of the movers and check out your new location to ensure there are no problems that need to be dealt with before you move in.

Those are some of the key issues to add to a checklist before your move. Taking the time to plan your move will help it go more smoothly. It’s also wise to hire a professional moving company that will take the stress out of your move!

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