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Good Greek Business Moving Tips: Build a Better Plan By Avoiding Common Mistakes
By The Good Greek

When it comes to business moves, things can get expensive and stressful very quickly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you work with experienced movers, you will get guidance from the start on the best practices for a business move.

You’ll also find out the common mistakes you want to avoid. At Good Greek Moving & Storage, we’ve seen many of the mistakes below repeatedly. When we work with business clients, we ensure that they get good advice from us throughout the process as they create and implement their moving plan.

Toward that end, we wanted to offer readers a few common mistakes to avoid. Just not doing the things below will put you ahead of the game.

Not Putting Someone in Charge

Or waiting until it’s too late. It’s common for businesses not to have a person in charge of the move until the last minute. The result is typically chaos in the days leading up to the movers arriving, and confusion on moving day. Someone must be in charge for things to go smoothly. Call them whatever you like – Moving Day Planner, Mover-in-Chief – but that person needs to take the lead on planning the move and working with employees and the movers to executive the plan.

They also will play a pivotal role in avoiding the rest of the issues listed below:

Trying to Move Everything

Much like people in their homes, business offices get filled up over time with stuff you don’t need. As part of the business moving plan, assign a task force to go through the office and eliminate items that aren’t needed for operations at your new office. This can range from outdated equipment and furniture to paper copies of old transactions.

Not Labeling Everything Properly

If movers unload unlabeled boxes from the truck, you can rest assured that not everything is going to get placed where you wanted it. One way to avoid this is to have pre-made printing labels that employees can put on boxes that have their belongings. It should include name, department and a general list of contents.

Letting Employees Handle the Move

Letting employees handle even part of a move can lead to safety issues and a higher risk of accidents. This is a liability disaster waiting to happen. The most employees should do in any move is to put their desk items into a box. They shouldn’t even move it from there. All the heavy lifting should get handled by a professional moving company.

Not Researching a Moving Company

The world is full of scam moving companies. And it’s not just individuals they rip off. They’re more than happy to overcharge and do poor work for businesses, as well. When you look for a moving company, read the reviews. Make sure they have the proper licensing to handle a business move (not being transparent about this is a major red flag). They should offer to come to your business and meet in-person, provide you a free estimate and talk to you about third-party moving insurance. In short, you want professional movers with a good reputation.

Moving Too Late

By that, we mean waiting to move until right before the day the lease runs out on your current building and you must be gone. A business move can get complicated. You want to have time in case you run into any delays. Not getting out of your current building on time could also cost you money.

Forgetting to Move Yourself Online

If you have a robust website and social media accounts, things can get confusing if you still have the old location online. It’s especially confusing if search results in your area turn up both the old and the new address. One of the keys to local search success is staying consistent visible with all the correct contact information. Make sure you’ve done that and that you’ve sent out an office moving notice.

Avoiding these mistakes can make your business move happen much more smoothly. Just make sure to take that first smart step and work with a professional moving company that has experience and success with your kind of move.

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