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What Are the Core Features of a Successful Move? Infographic

Moving to a new home is a demanding process that requires a mix of skill, logistics and best practices. As experienced cross-country and short-distance movers in Florida, the team at Good Greek Moving & Storage knows exactly what it takes to conduct efficient relocations, putting that know-how into practice.

For those with a move coming up, here are the main features required for a streamlined relocation. Plus, don’t forget to share our infographic on home relocations on social media, so other families in Florida can benefit from the tips!

Features of a Florida move.

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The Main Features of a Successful Move

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, downsizing to a retirement community, or crossing the country for a new start, there are some core elements to the relocation process.

Planning for a Move

The planning process is the true foundation for a flawless move. In the earliest stages, a person should identify a moving company that they’re comfortable with, determine a moving date – and start decluttering. As the moving date approaches, your moving company will set out a timeline with milestones for every important event.

Secure Packing

In brief, professional packing techniques protect belongings and simplify the unpacking process. Hiring a full-service moving company is the best option for a relocation, as the entire process is fully unified. Packing is a crucial phase, and the type of materials and strategies used here will affect the efficiency of the move. Your moving team should use durable, high-quality packing materials with specialized options for large or fragile items.

Putting Safety First

Safety is paramount during a move, and this starts with training. A moving team must understand the correct way to pack and lift boxes and how to safely use the equipment involved. Proven methods to ensure clear pathways and straightforward loading also promote safety.

Reliable Transportation

Well-maintained moving vans are a must for a successful relocation. Transport vehicles should have a regular maintenance schedule, and must not be overloaded beyond the maximum weight capacity when in use. Special items like classic cars can be accommodated using an enclosed (or open) car carrier.

Effective Time Management

It’s important to keep the move on schedule, so movers operate according to strict deadlines. Local moves are often made easier by employing effective route management and avoiding peak traffic times. The moving team looks for every opportunity to reduce the inefficiencies that could cause a delay.

Ongoing Communication

A solid moving team will understand their roles and responsibilities, covering packing, transportation, storage, unpacking and of course, keeping in touch. Communication between the client and the moving company is essential for planning and problem-solving. A first-rate relocations company will inform clients of the timeline for the move and provide easy access to customer support.

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