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Free Office Moving Letter Template

Office Moving Notice -Free Business Moving Letter Template
By dm support

When moving to a new office, one of the first orders of business is to let everyone who needs to know that you are changing locations. Depending on your business, “everybody who needs to know” can include both individuals and businesses. Typically, this means your customers, suppliers and any businesses partners.

It’s a long process, but the result is a short business letter, if it’s done right.

Creating Your Moving Notice Letter 

Before we get to an example, the following are some guidelines to keep in mind as you prepare for an office move and deliver a moving notice letter.

  • Develop your mailout plan about three months before the move
  • Deliver your moving notice letter about four weeks before the move date
  • Make a thorough list of people to contact, including customers, vendors and business partners
  • Get all the contact information for current and future contacts, including land address, email address, phone numbers, contact name and number, etc.
  • Keep the letter short and to the point

Free Business Moving Notice Template

The exact wording of your moving notice letter is up to you. However, for the banks and financial services company, a simple note on the change of address is sufficient. No need to offer even a passing explanation of why you are moving.

For vendors and suppliers, you may want to thank them for their past service to your company before notifying them of the change.

The following example applies to customers and business associates (and even competitors, if you want to let them know!). Note how the letter implies that you are moving because business is booming, not to save money or for any other reason.


< Start Copying The Free Office Moving Notice Template Here >


Company Name
Current City
Current Address
Current Zip Code
Receiver’s Address
Receiver’s City
Receiver’s Zip Code

Dear (name of company or contact person),

It is our pleasure to announce that we are expanding our business with a new office location.

The new location is (new address).

Please update your records with our new address. We will be moving on (date) and starting business at our new location on (date). Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same, as will our website address and social media accounts.

Our new facility offers us the opportunity to better serve our loyal customers and work with our valuable business partners. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and work with you at our new location.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Office Relocation Specialists

If you are ready to make a move with your office, considering contacting Good Greek Moving & Storage. We have years of experience in handling commercial moves and can offer you the professional services you need to make your move go smoothly.


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