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How to Plan Your Move
By The Good Greek

In sports, the best game plan can the best chance for victory before the players even take the field. When you are moving, an advance plan can do the exact same thing.

When people get stressed about a move, they often think about the worst-case scenario. Typically, that’s standing in the middle of a room amid a sea of half-packed boxes, knowing the moving truck is coming tomorrow.

That’s stressful just to imagine.

When it comes to moving, planning is key. It’s that simple. But everyone could use a little help with developing a plan. To get you started, here’s a look at some of the crucial issues involved in planning for your move.

Write It Down

Whether you do it on a spreadsheet or in a notebook, create a written checklist of everything that follows. That will allow you to keep track of all the important jobs you have to accomplish – and let you check them off when they are done.

Research Movers

Two months or more before the move, research professional movers in your area. You’ll want a full-service, professional moving company that offers everything from packing services to storage of your belongings if needed. Check out the company’s years of experience, license to make different kinds of moves, and online reputation. Make sure they offer a written, moving estimate.

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Change of Address

Check out your new community if you can. It will give you a feel for the amenities they offer. Also, plan to send out all the change of address cards well in advance to banks, credit card companies, government agencies, and financial institutions. You don’t want to deal with all of that after you make the move. You’ll also want to contact schools if you have children in school, and your health insurance company to ensure a seamless transition to the new location.

You’ll also want to contact utilities at your new location and set up service several weeks before you arrive.

Start Early

You want to start early with the packing, going room by room. Set a date to start with the early packing and stick with a slow but steady schedule to get it all done. This start date is important. Once it’s in place, it will help you plan the timing of other items on this list, especially those that must be done before you start packing.

Budget for the Move

This is where the written, price from a professional moving service comes in handy. Knowing what you will pay the movers is a big part of your moving budget. That budget will include costs for packing supplies, gas and tolls on the road, etc.

Garage Sale

You don’t necessarily have to set a date for a garage sale, but it helps to at least set-aside time before packing starts to get rid of items you don’t need. This culling of unneeded items is one of the best ways you can make your move enjoyable.

Use Up the Food

Many people forget that they are getting ready to move when they are at the grocery store. Rather than overspend for items that you won’t have the time to cook and won’t be able to move, limit your shopping list and start using up all the food you have in the house.

Cleaning Up Your Current Home

Make sure to plan for time to do any repair work or cleaning that needs to be done with your current home. Many people skip this step and end up paying fees if they are renting. You can skip those fees by doing some quick repairs and a thorough cleaning.

Keep these in mind as you plan for your move. They hit most of the key issues that need to be accomplished. Now that you have a written plan, it’s a simple matter of following it for your move to go smoothly. You’ve already “won the move” before you even start!

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