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Should I Move in 2021

Should I Move in 2021?
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It shows the resilience of the American people that even during the coronavirus pandemic, millions safely moved to a new location. In 2021, there will be fewer health concerns and a pent up demand from the millions more who did put off moving, so everyone expects a flurry of moves in the coming year.

About a fifth of all Americans moved during 2020 or know someone who did, according to the Pew Research Center. Good Greek Moving & Storage acted quickly to meet this demand, putting a COVID-19 response plan into place to protect clients and employees.

The places Good Greek provides moving services are always busy due to their popularity, including South Florida, the Tampa Bay region and Greenville, South Carolina. But several trends are likely going to drive the number of moves even higher in 2021.

Moving Trends for 2021

A variety of factors will entice people to move in 2021. They include the following:

Moving From Big Cities

Many of the moves that happened in 2020 were made because people wanted to move away from congested, bigger cities, especially those in the Northeast. Many of the places they moved to included Florida and South Carolina. Pew reported that many people planned to make the move temporary, but there were still more than 14.4 million permanent moves.

Remote Workers

The pandemic accelerated the trend of more companies allowing employees to work for home. More people also work from home as contractors. In either case, an increasing number of people can live where they want and not be tied to commuting each day to an office. That’s made places such as Florida, South Carolina and Texas attractive to many people because of low taxes and warmer weather.

Job Growth

Jobs continue to grow faster in Texas, Florida and The South and West as a whole. Nine of the top 10 job growth states are in the South and West, with South Dakota as the only exception. That’s leading people in bigger northern cities to relocate to the South.

If You Move During the Pandemic

Most experts expect that things will return to something approaching normal by the fall of 2021 at the latest, with most people getting vaccinated by the summer. The best guess in late 2020 is that the general public will start getting vaccinations by April 2021.

If you move during the first part of the year, it’s important to keep in mind precautions you should take. You can also check out Good Greek Moving & Storage response to the pandemic – company owner Spero Georgedakis addressed the issue in this video.

The most important thing is to hire the right moving company. In addressing the pandemic, Georgedakis noted that Good Greek Moving & Storage has sanitization kits used to “wipe down the steering wheel, we wipe down the dashboard, and of course we always sanitize the back of the truck before and after every move.” That’s the kind of commitment to safety you want.

Movers should wear masks for your protection. Also, with Good Greek, you have the option to leave your home as movers transport your belongings from the house to the truck. You also want to ensure where you are moving does not have any restrictions about people moving in, although most places have lifted those.

In terms of moving, 2021 is shaping up to be a big year. If you put off moving in 2020, now is the time to start making plans.

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