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Planning A Move? What You Need to Know About Spring Moving
By The Good Greek

Everyone wants to plan their move for a time that works best for them. That’s not always possible because of job and personal life circumstances. But if you do have a choice, picking the spring season to move is a smart choice.

Why? Spring provides many advantages. They include mild weather, lower costs, more moving dates to choose from, a better chance to make the best profit off your home and a time of year that’s good for a change.

The most important factor is choosing a quality moving company. But first, here is a closer look at the advantages of spring moving.

Mild Weather

Most people know that summer is the most popular time for a move. However, anyone who has packed in the heat of July or August can tell you that summer is not always ideal. Also, fall is the beginning of the school year and the holiday season. And winter is a nightmare of freezing temperatures, blizzards, icy roads, and winter storms. Not a fun time to move.

Spring offers longer hours of daylight, mild temperatures, gentle breezes and everything in bloom. In other words, it’s extremely pleasant in just about every way. In terms of weather, there’s not a better time to make the move.

Lower Moving Costs

When hiring a professional mover, your chances of getting the best prices to increase in the spring. That’s because during the peak season – from about Memorial Day to Labor Day – prices are going to be higher. More people move during that time because the kids are out of school and also because newlyweds who marry in May or June are moving into their new homes. Scheduling in spring can give you a better chance of landing a deal.

More Moving Dates

This ties into the lower costs. With fewer people trying to move in the spring months, you have a better chance to schedule the move on your first choice for a date. The summer months fill up quickly and it can be hard to find the right date to schedule with movers. The spring schedule is typically more open.

Make the Best Profit From Your Home Sale

All those people who plan to move in the summer months? They are buying homes in the spring. And if you move in the spring, you can be one of those people maximizing your sale price potential. Buyers during this time of year are motivated.

People typically wait until after the holidays to look for a house to buy, but sales start to pick up in February and March. It also helps that it’s easier to make a house look attractive in the spring with blooming flowers and a lush lawn.

A Good Time For Change

This reason is less practical. But spring is the time when nature goes through a rebirth, and that’s why it feels like a good time to go through one yourself. People tend to have more enthusiasm for making a change in the spring after the holidays and a long winter. By the time spring rolls around, people are ready to make the change they have spent months thinking about.

Finding a Quality Mover

The most important thing you can do with any move is to hire the right professional mover. You want a moving partner that has experience, a good reputation and offers all the professional services you need. Those services include:

  • An in-home visit to evaluate your move
  • A written, price
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Packing supplies
  • Licensing to handle local, statewide, national and global moves
  • Storage facilities to temporary store your belongings

Hiring a mover that ticks all the above boxes will help your move be much less stressful and go much smoother. For those with the option, a spring move is worth considering.

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