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The Pros and Cons of Moving During The Week
By The Good Greek

Everyone who moves wants to find ways to trim costs. One surefire way is to schedule a move during a time when professional movers deal with fewer clients – that is, during the middle of the week.

Not everyone can do this. Work, school and personal schedules might prevent the weekday option. But if you have the opportunity, consider scheduling your move on a Tuesday through Thursday when fewer people are making a move.

Here are the pros and cons of taking that route:

Pros of Moving During The Week

These are some of the pros of deciding to move on a weekday. All these are given with the assumption you have partnered with an experienced, reliable professional mover.

Lower Cost

A professional moving company will visit your home and give you a free estimate for what your move will cost (if they don’t, move on). If requested, they also should provide an estimate of what the move will cost on a weekday as opposed to the weekend. You’ll want to compare any cost savings with what you might lose not working for a day.

More Flexibility

As you can imagine, Saturdays fill up quickly and well in advance for moving companies, while weekdays generally have more openings. This allows you to schedule the move at a time that works best for you at a lower cost (basics of supply and demand).

Less Stress For Parents

This only applies to those who are moving across town, but it’s a big advantage. By moving in the morning of a weekday, you can get the job done while the kids are all at school. It’s even more advantageous if you have a young child who can be at daycare while you make the move.

Fewer Distractions and Delays

Also, moving on a Saturday means moving when everyone is out and about, leading to high traffic congestion and a longer move time. Neighbors also will be at home, and a lot of them may want to come by and have a chat as you try to move! Moving on a weekday between the morning and evening rush hours, and while most people are at work, means dealing with fewer distractions and delays.

Access to Utilities

Of course, you will have called ahead to set up utilities as part of your moving plan. But if you arrive at your new home and something doesn’t work, you have a much better chance of getting someone out to repair it during the week than on a Saturday or Sunday.

Cons of Moving On a Weekday

For some people, moving on a weekday presents challenges. They include the following:

Can’t Take Off Work

In some cases, it’s impossible to take off work during the day (or days) you need to move because of an inflexible work schedule. Or, if you are not in a salaried position, the money lost from not working is not offset by the lower moving cost.

Unable to Disrupt School

Moving during a weekend is a pro if you have kids in school and are moving across a city or to a nearby area, but it’s the opposite if you are moving a long distance. While it’s possible to move during the school week, it’s extra stress for the kids that may not be worth the cost savings.

Limited Options For Help

If you are relying on friends or family to help with some aspect of your move, your options will be severely limited making the move during a weekday. However, if you use a professional moving service, this should not really be an issue.

Moving during the weekday is an easy way to lower your moving costs if it fits with you and your family’s schedule, as well as when you plan to close on your house. You owe it to yourself to at least consider this cost-saving option.


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