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8 Reasons To Move to Greenville, South Carolina

8 Reasons To Move to Greenville, South Carolina
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The Greenville, South Carolina, area ranks among the fastest growing regions of the country. Retirees move there for the scenic beauty and cultural amenities. Young professionals move there for the job opportunities. And everyone moves there because of the friendly people and gorgeous natural environment.

While Greenville is perhaps best known for the mountains, lakes and rivers in the area that supply plenty of natural beauty, the area also has grown this century into a major economic engine for the state. It also has a sophisticated style with Southern charm that you can’t find elsewhere.

If you are considering a move to the Greenville area, consider the following reasons why it’s a great choice to make the city your new home.

Great Economy

Greenville has emerged as one of the most powerful economic engines in the state. While relatively small, Greenville is home to many different businesses. Companies that include BMW, Michelin, Lockheed, 3M and GE have located operations in Greenville County. Greenville has low tax rates and a high number of skilled workers. It’s an attractive job market for professionals looking to move ahead. It’s also been called the Knowledge Economy’s Next Big Thing.

Year Round Outdoor Activities

The mild climate and beautiful scenery make Greenville a wonderful place for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Why stay inside when you have the Blue Ridge Mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, all located in the area? Local officials have turned an abandoned railway line into the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22.2 mile multi-use trail popular with joggers, bikers and walkers. The area also has kayaking on the Reedy River and other locations for both beginners and those with more experience. There’s also beautiful Falls Park, including the Liberty Bridge suspension bridge. When the weather turns colder, you can also find ice skating and other winter sports.


Greenville offers great value for those looking to purchase a home. The area has many kinds of housing, including single-family homes, townhouses and retirement homes. Both rent and home prices are lower in the Greenville area than in similarly sized cities, according to local realtors. Other cost of living factors are also low, which is why the area landed on the Yahoo! list of best affordable places to live.

Arts, Entertainment and Museums

The Greenville area has many attractions for those looking for culture. The West End Historic District once was packed with textile mills and warehouses. Now, it is home to an impressive number of restaurants, shops and boutiques. The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum is open just one day a week (Saturday), but it’s a must-see for baseball fans. There’s also the Greenville County Museum of Arts and the Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery, which specializes in Old Masters such as Rubens, Tintoretto and Cranach. The 2,100-seat Peace Center serves as the area’s cultural centerpiece, with concerts in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, bluegrass, folk, pop and rock.

A Fantastic Food Scene

Many consider the food scene in Greenville as among the best in all The South. Locals can quickly direct you to some great choices. They include Smoky Dreams Barbeque and Catering, Larkin’s on the River, Soby’s New South Cuisine and Halls Chophouse.

A Unique, Family-Friendly Environment

People in South Carolina are known for their charm, and that’s especially true in the Greenville area. There’s a sophisticated but laid back vibe in the area that is unlike what you will see anywhere else. The mix of corporate operations and local entrepreneurs means you may run into BMW managers or the owner of a quirky bookshop. But everyone admires the small town feel of the place, even though it has big city amenities. Greenville also is known for peaceful neighborhoods and places where kids can be kids, including the Upstate Children’s Museum.

Convenient Location

Greenville is situated in the middle of many great destinations across The South. It is surrounded by natural beauty and just a few hours’ drive away from Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Asheville, Myrtle Beach and Charleston. This makes trips for business or pleasure extremely easy by just hopping on interstates 385 or 85.


South Carolina is blessed with beautiful, mild weather throughout most of the year. It makes outside activities accessible year round. That’s part of what makes the area so attractive to many families. Because of the higher elevation, Greenville is less humid than other warm locations. Winters are short with usually just a small amount of snowfall.

These represent just some of the many reasons why Greenville, South Carolina, is a remarkable place to live and definitely worth a move. If you plan to relocate to the area, consult with a professional mover who can help you plan your move and make it go as stress-free as possible.

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