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What You Need to Know About Cost of Long Distance Moves
By dm support

Long distance moves have many more factors involved than local moves, but it’s possible to plan ahead of time if you have a handle on the potential costs.

That’s one of the key moves to making a long distance move as stress-free as possible. While there are a lot of “moving parts” involved with planning and executing a move, getting on top of the potential costs early can make it go much smoother.

The following looks at some of the key areas involved with long distance move pricing. Keep them in mind as you prepare to make your relocation.  

Long Distance Move Price Factors

When a mover estimates what it will cost to transport your items long distance, there are a number of factors involved. The following areas are what a reputable company will consider when estimating the cost of your haul.

Also, a word on estimates – they should be free and in-person. Also, once a company sets a price for the move, it should be cool. No last-minute charges or unexpected fees.

Your move size. As with any type of move, the amount charged is typically based on weight. That’s why you should always declutter and throw or give away what you don’t need.

Travel fees. These take into account the fuel cost for transporting your goods, as well as labor costs to pay movers to pack, unpack and transport your belongings a long distance.

Supplies. Most quality movers can offer you supplies to help with your move, such as boxes, padding, bubble wrap, tape, and mattress bags. This typically comes with an extra charge – although the return on investment is usually worth it.

Services You Request. As with any move, long distance moves also can increase in cost if you request services such as packing and unpacking your belongings or disassembling and reassembling furniture. Specialty items such as pianos may come with an extra charge.

Storage. Many people need temporary storage, especially when dealing with a complicated, long-distance move. This is a smart move in most cases, but make sure to ask about fees involved, which vary depending on the mover.

Timing of Your Move. This can vary depending on the mover and your location. However, the most popular times are weekends and those done during peak moving seasons (usually when school ends in May through the end of August).

Shuttle Fee. In some cases, the large truck used to transport your belongings long distance cannot drive directly to your door, especially if you are moving to a dense urban area. That requires moving your belongings to another, smaller truck.

The Need for Mover Insurance

Insurance coverage is another area where customers should factor in some cost. Movers are required to offer standard insurance that essentially covers your belongings for the type of nicks and scraps that can happen during a move. For higher coverage that can cover the cost of your belongings, you will need to buy insurance through a third-party provider.

This is an important point to keep in mind. Moving companies are not insurance companies. Beyond the standard coverage, they should have recommendations and information for you to contact a third-party insurance company. They should not charge you for more insurance themselves.

The Bottom Line

Every move is different, especially long-distance moves. The distance of the move and the amount of belongings have the biggest impact on your move costs, as well as the services you require.

Most estimates put the average cost of long-distance moves at around $5,000, based on a two to three-bedroom home, about 7,500 pounds of items and a move of 1,000 miles. However, that’s only an average for every move nationwide. Your cost can vary quite a bit depending on the details of your move.

What To Look For In a Out of State Mover

It’s important to keep in mind that selecting a reputable mover may be the most important step in keeping your costs reasonable.

Some areas to keep in mind when searching for a mover include:

  • Reputation (online reviews can provide insight into that area)
  • Years of experience
  • MFree, Estimates
  • Companies that have all the proper licensing for interstate moves
  • A full range of moving services, including packing, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and storage

Keeping these issues in mind can help narrow your search only to movers who will provide you with the services you need at the best price possible.

Are you planning a long distance move? Call (561) 683-1313 to speak with a relocation specialist today. 


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