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Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home
By GoodGreekMoving

No matter the reason why you want to sell your house, you want to get the best deal possible. Trying to sell a home “as is” could move the sale along quicker, but you may cheat yourself out of thousands of dollars. A better strategy might involve spending a little extra to renovate areas of the home that could use some fixing. Specific home improvements can keep the value of the property from dropping, and the repairs may even boost value beyond the average neighborhood price. These are three areas worth fixing when putting your home up on the market.


An old bathroom not only fails to look nice, but degrading pipes and fixtures also set a course for troubling problems. Replacing the old, rusty fixtures improves looks for sure. In addition, new fixtures won’t be as likely to leak. Furthermore, leaks create moisture in the air capable of causing corrosion. Corrosion sometimes means more leaks.

An ugly-looking or outdated bathroom deflates impressions when potential buyers perform a walkthrough. Make fixing up the bathroom a top priority. Failure to do so will cause your home to be unattractive to buyers.


And an old kitchen with an aged stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher might be functional, but the outdated appliances drive down prices. Replacing them might be too expensive, but there are other steps worth taking. Laying down a new vinyl floor, replacing the cabinets, and painting the walls enhance the room’s look, and so does installing a new countertop.

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They’ll look over this room closely when buying a home. Do what your budget allows you to afford. Every little thing helps.


The driveway and surrounding pavement outside of the home takes a lot of abuse. Both the extreme heat of the summer and the terrible cold of the winter create cracks. Walking and driving over the concrete further causes imperfections. Patching the cracks with fillers is okay, but don’t expect to win any beautification awards.

The concrete would benefit from resurfacing. A professional contractor could cover the old cement with a new, thin layer. The job is less costly than breaking all the concrete and pouring new cement, and the resulting new look may captivate someone interested in the home.

Performing several upgrades at once both drives up the price and forces you to rush. Avoid both by staying on top of upkeep. Or, start the process at least six months before the home goes up for sale. Doing this can increase your home’s value to potential buyers.

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