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How to Pack For Your Upcoming Move

Packing is the single most dreaded part of any move. That’s why many people turn to the packing services offered by a full-service professional mover to handle that issue for them.

However, some prefer to handle their packing on their own. It is, after all, their stuff and they can decide how to pack it. Even so, you’ll want to hire a mover that offers all the packing supplies you will need.

If you are planning a move, here are some important issues to keep in mind. They can help you better pack for your move as well as make the unpacking on the other end go that much smoother.

Toss Unneeded Items

This is a tough but crucial part of every move. For every person who lives with just a few items, there are about 100 who have more stuff than they need. That’s OK! It’s an issue almost everyone faces. But now is the time to get rid of at least some of the items that are weighing you down. Some of the key places to really roll up your sleeves include:

  • The garage
  • The attic
  • Spare bedrooms
  • Closets – especially the closets in those spare bedrooms!
  • Utility room
  • Storage sheds in the backyard

But you might have items you don’t need right in front of you, such as all those old magazines you have in basket or on a shelf in the living room.

Gather Packing Materials and Supplies

Here’s where you can organize all the supplies you will need for your move. Make a checklist of the following items.

  • Boxes in large, medium and small sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Heavy duty packing tape
  • Sticker labels
  • Marketing pens

It’s a smart move to consult a professional mover service to make sure you have every item. The best companies will offer packing materials for customers.

Create a Packing Station

Find or create an area that’s cleared out and has plenty of room to stack all the packed boxes. This is also the area where you can seal and label all boxes. Just make sure it’s not a heavily trafficked area and has plenty of space.

Pack Room By Room

Let the packing begin! The best strategy is to start early, far before the moving day. Go room-by-room, starting with the least-used rooms. That way you will complete an entire room before moving onto the next one. This also allows you to do one last cleanout in each room before you start packing what remains.

Separate Out Personal Items

There may be some items you want to carry yourself. In most cases, these are heirlooms or sentimental items. That’s perfectly fine. Just designate a space in your home to place these items so they don’t get mixed in with everything else.

Label As You Go

As you pack each box, label it carefully before you set it aside. Write down the room and the items, such as: “Master bedroom/bedding and blankets.” No exceptions! Sometimes we all get in a hurry and forget to do this. But being methodical about labeling boxes will make things so much easier when items are unloaded at your new house.

Box Tips

There are several issues to keep in mind when packing boxes. They include:

  • Don’t overstuff them. Pack boxes in such a way that they can be taped closed easily. This also helps with stacking and transport.
  • The right size. The heavier the item, the smaller box you should use.
  • Check the bottoms. Make sure the bottom of the box is sealed properly and can hold the weight of the items.
  • Heavy on the bottom. The heaviest items should go at the bottom of the box, with the lightest items at the top.
  • Limit the weight. No box should weight more than 50 pounds.

Just remember, it’s better to have more boxes filled with a smaller number of items then to have an over-packed box break and spill your stuff all over the driveway.

Take Photos

For many people, their printer and computer set up in the office or their television setup can get complicated. Take a picture of the setup before you take them apart so you will have a reference for how to put them back together in your new home.

The “Open First” Boxes

It’s important to pack “open first” boxes for your new home and make sure they placed so they are unloaded first. These boxes will contain the items you will need right away when you reach your new place. This can include items such as cleaning supplies, hand and bath soap, perhaps a change of clothes. Other common items include Kleenex, paper towels, paper plates and utensils, bath towels, and a pot and pan.

Keeping these issues in mind can help make packing for your move go much smoother. Be methodical, take on a little packing at the time, and you will eventually reach your goal in a way that doesn’t drive you (and your family) crazy.

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