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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing to Move
By dm support

Moving from one house to another is a stressful ordeal. There is a lot to think about and pay for when moving space. Here are three tips you should keep in mind if you find yourself moving from one abode to another.

What is the Space I’m Moving to Like?

The first question you should ask yourself when moving to a new space is “What does my new space look like?” Obtaining information about square footage, room sizes, and the number of floors is important for planning your move.

If you are moving into a space that is smaller than your old space, then you might want to think about downsizing the number of things you will be moving. Maybe you find that your situation is the opposite, and your new space is larger than your old space. You then need to think about buying new furniture in order to fill the space. Measure your furniture and know the space you will probably use. Getting your hands on some blueprints of your new home or space is a great way to visualize how much space you will get, as well as where you can put all of your belongings once you move in.

What Supplies Do I Need?

The second question to ask yourself when moving is “What kind of supplies will I need during my move?” Making a list of supplies is the smartest way to get organized for your move. You will likely need supplies such as boxes for moving, tape, dollies, permanent makers, and cleaning supplies.

One of the most important things to think about when you are selecting boxes while moving is their weight limit. The weight limit on a moving box determines what you pack in it, so it’s important to be deliberate and careful when you pack to optimize space and utility. Take an inventory of the things that will go in boxes, then estimate how many boxes of each size you think will get the job done. Most of the time, people end up using fewer boxes than they think they will need.

Do I Need to Hire a Moving Company?

Moving companies are useful and make moving less stressful. Deciding to hire a moving company all depends on the resources you have at your disposal. You may find that you have room in your budget to have a moving company load up and drive your things to your new house. If you don’t, there are other creative ways to move your things. Maybe you own a truck and trailer that can haul your household items, or you have a friend who can loan you theirs. Take inventory of your resources and weigh all of your options before deciding which method of transportation is right for you.

Embarking on a moving journey is daunting. With the help of these three simple tips, you can enjoy a less stressful experience during your home move. Get moved and enjoy your new home!


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