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Coordinate the Look of These 3 Areas for a Cohesive House Appearance
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If you are moving into a new house and getting your current home ready to sell, you’ll want to be sure to stage your property and complete any repairs and updates with the future buyer in mind. Using the right material to make small updates around your house is key to ensuring an overall cohesive look. Here are three areas of your home that can help coordinate a matching look across your entire house.

Window Frames

The first thing people will notice about your house is the external curb appeal. Oftentimes, this is the most important first impression you’ll need to give buyers when you’re getting ready to sell. Whether you have shutters, roof accents over your windows or just some basic trim, you’ll want to carefully select the color and the right materials and consistently use it over the entirety of your house. Interior window trim is also key for creating a cohesive look. Consider using a matching color to match your baseboards and crown molding.

Garage Door

With the wide variety of colors, materials and styles available, it isn’t too difficult to select a door that coordinates with the house. Depending on the overall interior style of your house, you may opt for a bold pop of color. A safe bet is to also match your garage door color to that of your window trim and front door. If you use hardware accents on your garage door, you should also find the right material for the matching accents for the front door to unify the look.

Baseboards and Crown Molding

Continuity of design should flow from the exterior to the interior of your home. To help create a comprehensive look you’ll want to ensure your design transitions logically from one room to the next. Follow basic design rules, such as repetition of shapes, limited color palette and focal point consideration, as you style one room and the next. Some things that help ensure a cohesive look is using the right materials and the same colors on various accent pieces of each room, such as the baseboards and crown molding.

Maintaining a cohesive look throughout the interior and exterior of your house is easy to do with careful planning and consideration. Always design with the buyer in mind to help ensure your house sells when you’re ready. Repeating colors, shapes and themes throughout various rooms for a unified look can help maintain a great flow throughout.


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