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3 Things to Check in a Home Before You Move In

You’ve just bought a house and you’re ready to move in. While you hopefully asked plenty of questions and got a home inspection done before signing the paperwork, there might still be a few things left to cover. Checking on these three things before you move into your home is imperative.


Knowing the dimensions of your new home will really help with planning the setup. This includes knowing the exact square footage of the entire property, each floor, and each room. Compare the dimensions of each room to those of each large object you’re bringing in. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your king-size bed can’t fit through the doorway of your master bedroom. You also want to know the floor plan so that you immediately know where everything is supposed to go, come move-in day. While an empty house might seem very spacious, you may quickly realize just how little space you actually have for everything.

Safety of the Building

Some home safety problems are immediately recognizable, such as severe dilapidation and mold. Others might not be caught until a home inspector comes around. Even if a home inspector gives you a positive report, you should still perform the same checks you do before you buy. You should always check your outlets before you actually move in as electricity problems can be a major problem. You should also make sure the locks are changed and that all the pipes are in good condition.


If you buy a home in the warmer months, it might not faze you to check insulation or furnace quality. However, when the temperatures plummet and you find yourself piling on the blankets, you’ll wish you had looked into it. Have the insulation of your home checked and beef it up as necessary. If you live in a particularly cold climate, your furnace might need a tune-up. Look for one that’s more energy-efficient so that you can save money on bills and put less of a burden on the environment.

These are all important considerations when moving into a new home. While you might not find issues with any of these things, it’s better to be safe than being sorry you didn’t check for them later. Making sure a home is ready for inhabitants will help ensure you have a successful move-in.

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