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The 4 Hottest Real Estate Markets in the US
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Despite a strong overall economy, housing prices in much of the country have begun to cool off in recent months. While the state of California was the undisputed hot spot for many years, buyers have been looking around lately and discovering pastures that may be greener. Other metropolitan areas are beginning to make some noise in the real estate industry. Heading into the busy summer real estate season, here are four of the hottest markets in the United States to watch out for.

Columbus, OH

A growing population has put Columbus at the top of the list of hot real estate markets. As the 

14th largest city in the country, Columbus continues to expand at breakneck speed. This expansion is fueling more housing development and leading to increasing real estate prices. The city’s diverse demographics and abundance of colleges and universities are expected to keep encouraging this growth, making Columbus a top buy for your real estate investment dollar moving forward.

Boston, MA

A vibrant and varied economy is at the heart of Boston’s real estate stability. Even when other markets falter, Boston remains strong and steady in large part due to its healthy economy. A proliferation of hospitals, IT startups, financial investment companies and institutions of higher education continue to keep housing prices strong in BeanTown. Boston also boasts a diverse assortment of suburbs that make it easy for people to find the perfect neighborhood for their personal tastes.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is making a name for itself in real estate circles because of its relatively low cost of living and a booming economy. These factors are all driving forces in Atlanta’s rise to the top of the real estate game. Georgia is also home to some of the nation’s highest-rated assisted living services, making it a popular destination for retiring couples. Of course, the mild winter climate is a big draw as well.

Palm Beach, FL

It is hard to argue about making the decision to move to paradise. Located along the Atlantic coast of Florida, Palm Beach is a true tropical oasis. It is no surprise that the market continues to explode. A high snowbird population combined with a proliferation of startups has made the Palm Beach market an attractive real estate investment option.

If you are looking to capitalize on a profitable housing market, it is wise to move to or invest in a city with increasing real estate prices. You will get more bang for your investment buck by choosing wisely.

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