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New Good Morning with the Good Greek Podcast
By GoodGreekMoving

A new podcast from Good Greek Moving & Storage, South Florida’s most trusted mover, offers listeners the chance to pick up expert moving tips, get a glimpse inside the moving business and learn about charities, events and the people of South Florida.

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The Good Morning With the Good Greek podcast is led by the Good Greek himself, Spero Georgedakis. A former police officer, Georgedakis has built the most recognizable and most referred moving company in Florida. It’s also the only one that offers the Best Move Ever.

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But Georgedakis is about more than running a successful and growing business. A native of New York City, he loves living in South Florida. That’s something that comes through in the “Good Morning With the Good Greek” podcast.

As Georgedakis said at the beginning of a recent podcast, “What’s not to love? We’re in paradise.”

The podcast is on the Good Greek site, as well as on You Tube. A new post goes up every other Saturday.

A Desire To Help People

Customer service is central to everything that Good Greek Moving & Storage does. That drive to help others is one of the reasons Georgedakis wanted to start a podcast. In a recent show, he talked about providing people moving tips and information about services Good Greek provides.

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“Every week, I want to give good information to people not just about who we are and what we do, but how we can help people,” Georgedakis said. “There are a lot of ways that we can, a lot of good information.”

In addition to guests who can talk about moving-related issues, the show also will feature guests from local charitable organizations that Good Greek serves and supports.

Georgedakis also offers insights into the business. For example, on Episode 2, he talked about becoming the official mover for sports teams and universities.

Official Movers For Many Teams, Schools

Good Greek Moving & Storage is the official mover of the Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, University of Florida, University of Miami, International Miami FC, the StarCom Racing Team, Lynn University, The Honda Classic PGA Tour event and SunFest 2020 in Palm Beach.

So, what does “official mover” mean? Georgedakis said, “What it means is those helmets and shoulder pads – they got there somehow, behind the scenes, and most people don’t know that Good Greek does that.”

Good Greek Moving & Storage moves team equipment for every game, making sure everything arrives on time for every road game, no matter where the team is playing. The company also offers moving services to team players and coaches. For their university partners, Good Greek handles moves for faculty, students and alumni.

Asked if he ever cuts it close in delivering equipment for teams to each away game, Georgedakis said: “In my business, there is zero margin of error, so the answer is ‘no.’ We don’t even get close to that. We have a Plan A, and two Plan Bs and two plan Cs.”

Good Greek also handles many of the visiting teams coming into South Florida to play the local teams. While Good Greek is not the official mover for these teams, they learn that teams such as the Marlins “trust us and utilize us exclusively” and allow Good Greek to handle some of their moves.

“Once they get a taste of the Good Greek service, there’s no going back,” Georgedakis said.

Special Trucks For Every Team

Good Greek also has made trucks for each team. Georgedakis said he likes to have “one truck per team that personifies who they are and puts a spotlight on the relationship.” For example, the Gators truck has an alligator hood ornament with eyes that light up.

Some alumni have requested the specialty truck for their move. Georgedakis said he accommodates them when he can, but that the trucks only work with big moves. Also, the trucks are often on the road with the team’s equipment.

Why Good Greek Partnered With Teams, Universities

While he enjoys sports and likes the marketing opportunities offered by partnering with the teams, Georgedakis said the decision to seek “official mover” status runs deeper and is more about the South Florida community.

“It exemplifies our commitment to excellence,” Georgedakis said. “It’s not about the record, right? You can have a good year or a bad year. It’s not about that. They’re always out there to be the best. They’re always trying to put their best foot forward. And they’ve got a great history.”

He continued: “Whether they’re winning championships or not they’re such a big contributor to the community. Whether they win or lose they are still doing things for kids and the fans and charities out there, and that’s really why I wanted to become their partner.”

“It’s an honor to say that we are their official mover.”

That’s because giving back is an important aspect of Good Greek’s business. Georgedakis provides free moving services to organizations such as American Red Cross and the Leukemia Foundation. Good Greek employees also donate their time to such organizations.

“They really do help people, and that’s what we’re about. Success comes in many ways, and it’s not always financial.”

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