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Moving Company Jobs and Careers

The moving industry, especially in South Florida, offers many job opportunities for those wishing to get into the business.

Quality moving companies are always looking for dependable, honest employees to join them in their efforts to provide residential and commercial moving services. They have elevated the moving business to a quality, professional service, and want employees committed to doing the same.

If you are looking for a moving company job or career, the following are some of the areas where moving companies in South Florida are looking for workers.


This job is for those who a physically fit and can manage lifting and carrying heavy items, including taking things up and down stairs. The job also has changed, at least with quality moving companies. Movers now are expected to dress in company-approved clothes – often at least a shirt that all moving employees wear – and are always expected to be professional in their interactions with customers.


Managers can lead moving crews and spend much of their time interacting directly with customers. They may be called upon to make important business decisions, as well, such as doing in-home meetings with potential clients and deciding how much the move will cost. This job typically requires training and a high level of interpersonal skills.


Those in this job manage the movement of moving trucks throughout the day, so that everyone knows exactly where they are going, and management knows where every truck is located.


In most cases, you will need a special license to take a job as a driver, which can include driving large semi-trucks on across-the-country moves. A good driving record and experience in operating large trucks is essential to the job.

Sales and Marketing

The moving industry is very competitive, especially in a metropolitan area such as South Florida that has a large, transient population. Those on the sales and marketing staff develop plans to expand a company’s client base and geographic reach. This can come in the form of digital marketing and traditional advertising. Sales staff also looks to increase a moving company’s client base among businesses, which many of the larger moving companies also handle. That takes special services and skills, especially among the sales staff.


There’s a lot of paperwork involved with a moving company, although much of it is digital in today’s modern business environment. Those who work in clerical positions must demonstrate a comfort and familiarity in working with computers and software programs, as well as efficiency in keeping paperwork up-to-date.

These are just some of the positions that the modern moving company offers to workers. For those looking to get into an evolving profession that is growing in South Florida, getting into a career with a moving company could prove the first step in the right direction.

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