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How to Pack Your Fine China When Moving?
By The Good Greek

Fine china tends to be an important but fragile belonging. It’s both monetarily important as well as sentimental.  China dishware can chip or break easily which is why it’s important to pack it correctly. Packing your China safely and securely can save you a lot of heartache during your move. Here are some tips when packing yourself.

Materials You Will Need

  1. Obtain strong, double walled corrugated cartons designed specifically to protect fragile china and glassware. Ask your moving agent about obtaining this packing materials.
  2. Unprinted news wrap for packing.

How to Pack Your China

Wrap each piece of China individually with clean news warp. Take several sheets of paper at a time and wrap them around the item starting from the corner. Continue to wrap the item diagonally, tucking in the edges as you go along. Add another layer or two of news wrap to server as an additional protection.

Layering Flat Items

Add crumpled news wrap to the entire bottom of your box. The bottom portion of your box is best suited for platters and other large china and glass plates.

Wrap large dishes individually in news wrap, and then bundle with one or two other individually-wrapped dishes of similar size. Secure the bundle with two or more sheets of news wrap. Keep in mind, the more you add, the more secure the dishware. Place the secure bundle in one of the rows on the edge of the box or dish pack.

Repeat this process, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces around the bundles. Add more crumpled paper on top of the bundle to create a cushion and protective platform for the next layer.

Next, pack saucers, smaller plates and shallow bowls. Wrap and pack this layer the same manner you packed the bottom lawyer. Continue until the box is fully packed, with each layer consisting of items lighter and smaller than those below it.

Packing Bowls:

Bowls may serve as bottom or middle layers, depending on their size. They may be wrapped the manner you wrapped the other pieces.

Large bowls such as mixing bowls can be nested in groups of two to three, upside down. Shallow bowls such as cereal or soup bowls can be stood up on the edge in the dish pack.

Packing Sugar Bowls:

Lids should be wrapped in tissue. The lid can then be inverted on top of the sugar bowl. Take the sugar bowl and the inverted lid and wrap them together in news wrap, topping it off with another double layer of news wrap. Again, the more wrap you add, the more secure the item.

Packing Cups:

Cups should be wrapped individually, with handles protected by additional news wrap. It’s important to pack the cups upside down. If using a cell divider in one of dish packs than they are packed correctly. Otherwise, if you are not using a cell divider, wrap cups with an additional layer of news wrap and place them upside down on an upper layer, completing the process as described for plates. Make sure all cup handles face the same direction.

Packing Cream Pitchers:

Wrap pitchers in clean news wrap, topped off with another double layer of news wrap. Pack items such as sugar bowls, cream pitchers and other smaller pieces of china and tea sets, together upright in the box. Complete the layering process to the top as described for plates.

Good Greek Moving Can Help with Your Next Move

Whether moving fine china or large items such as furniture, Good Greek Moving can help make your next move “The Best Move Ever“. We take pride in providing customers with outstanding service.  Good Greek Moving & Storage is a Palm Beach County Moving Company dedicated to providing customers with a great moving experience in Florida and throughout the US.  Call for your free estimate (561) 683-1313. Our friendly staff is looking forward to assisting you.

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