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How To Find A Moving Insurance Company

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you may have concerns about your possessions arriving at your new destination safely. That’s understandable. It’s your stuff, and you have every right to do what you need to do to protect it.

For most people, this means getting moving insurance. But for many, it’s a kind of grey area. Can they get it from the moving company? If not, where can they get it?

The following offers tips on finding the right moving insurance company for you.

Ask Your Mover

It’s important to understand right away that moving companies are not licensed to offer insurance. They only basic carrier liability that is required by law for all movers to carry. Typically, it is based on weight and pays about 60 cents per pound if an item is damaged.

At Good Greek Moving & Storage, we always recommend that people look into getting more insurance. We work with reputable third-party insurance companies and can make recommendations to you on who to contact.

Check Your Home Insurance Policy

If you already own a home and have insurance on your belongings, then you may have a clause in your contract that covers your items while in transit. However, this could be limited. Check your policy and see what type of coverage you have in place.

Check Your Renter’s Insurance Policy

You also want to check your renter’s insurance policy. If you plan to stick with the same insurance company when you move to your new place, then it’s possible they will offer some coverage for your goods while in transit.

Trip Transit Policies

If you are not covered, then you want to consider buying a trip transit policy. This is offered by most of the major insurance companies, so you should be able to talk to the insurer you have right now. These policies cover your belongings during the duration of the move. The details can vary from insurer to insurer.

However, there are generally two areas of trip transit insurance to get.

Full value protection.This offers coverage for the replacement value of a lost or damaged item; the cost to replace a lost or damaged item with something of equal value; or payment for repair of an item.

Separate liability insurance.This typically pays you the value of any lost or damaged item, minus whatever the mover is paying through basic carrier liability.

Further Considerations

The above describes where you can turn to find a moving insurance company. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to read the details of every policy closely.

Some, for example, may only cover your items (such as jewelry) at a depreciated value. You may want to discuss the terms of coverage at the level you feel is adequate.

Another issue is creating a comprehensive list of all your items before the move, according to State Farm . That’s because if you file a claim for a lost or damaged item, you may have to prove the damage occurred during the move and not beforehand. It’s a smart move to take photos of your valuable items as well as making a list of them. All this can support your insurance claim should something happen.

Insurance is really about peace of mind. While every move is expected to go smoothly, sometimes accidents happen. It’s helpful to know where you can turn to find the moving insurance that you need.

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