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How to Pack for Your Move

How to Decorate Your Home Without Spending a Mint
By The Good Greek

Moving into your first place is exciting and provides you with freedom and a sense of independence. When you are moving into a new home or apartment, buying furniture and decor can quickly add up. Learning how to afford to decorate your first place on any budget is essential to making any living space truly your own.


One of the best ways to cut expenses when shopping for furniture and decor for your first place is to go thrift shopping. Thrifting is a great way to find a variety of decor items, furniture, and even new accessories for your new place of living. Thrift stores not only offer steep discounts but also provide you with the opportunity to discover name brand and mint condition finds.

Tips When You Buy New

While thrifting and using coupons drastically reduces the cost of purchasing items for a new home, some furnishings and personal items are better to buy brand new. When you plan to buy an item or piece of furniture that is brand new, always be sure to price check and compare alternative retailers for their current price, both locally and online. Make a list of what you need, then focus on decorating the two to three most important rooms first.

If you are shopping locally for brand new items, consider when your store of choice hosts sales or discounts to maximize your savings. Is it possible to find a digital or local coupon to reduce the cost of your purchase? Does your local store offer instant rebates or discounts when you become a follower or the owner of its official app? Consider when your local stores and online shopping outlets typically have sales and reduce the prices of their inventory to ensure you are saving as much money as possible when you choose to purchase brand new.

How to Find Good Deals

Finding coupons and sales is essential when you are shopping around for great deals while you are in the process of decorating your first place. ‘Many young couples don’t know all the options available to them when shopping, and it ends up costing them a lot of money.’—Plus Voucher Code. Use local sales papers to compare coupons and to seek out upcoming sales locally that are appealing to you and the type of furniture or decor you are most interested in.

Follow online groups for coupons and sales using social media platforms including Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and discounts available for items and furnishings you want to add to your new home. Use local social networking groups to discover local garage and yard sales that boast furnishings and decor that are relevant to your own tastes and interests. Additionally, use networks such as Facebook to join local groups for sales and auctions when shopping for new items that are just right for your new home or apartment. Take time to review and compare your options to stretch your budget while also making purchases you are satisfied with when moving into your new place.

Browse the official websites of your favorite shops and retailers for incentives to save such as subscribing to an online newsletter or following social media pages. Browse “sale” and “clearance” sections when shopping on official eCommerce stores to find drastically discounted prices on brand new inventory.

Shopping Apps

With the advent of mobile smartphones and the rise in popularity of apps, there is no shortage of couponing and shopping applications. Use coupon apps to clip virtual coupons at your favorite stores while always staying updated with the latest sales and deals near you. Download the official applications for your favorite stores to shop at to clip additional coupons while receiving exclusive offers that are only available for owners of the app. Keep track of the latest deals, offers, and upcoming sales at your favorite stores with both couponing and official store apps. ‘Snap a picture of your receipt in Walmart’s app, and its Savings Catcher tool will match a competitor’s lower advertised price—even after your purchase.’—NerdWallet.


If you enjoy getting creative and want to add a spark of your own flair to your new place, consider DIY crafts and projects. Start accumulating craft supplies that appeal to you — for example, if you grew up in the country, you could see what you can make with baling wire. Or if you like music, look for old records that you can repurpose. Getting creative and crafty is a way to infuse your own personality into your new place even if you are on a strict budget you need to adhere to after moving in. Seek DIY decorating tips and tutorials using networks such as Pinterest for inspiration and guidance.

Make the most out of moving into your very first place with the right shopping resources and research the best pricing available before settling on a purchase. Taking time to find coupons and sales, shopping apps, and even local thrift store deals are all ways to maximize your budget when you are in the market for decor and furniture for your new home.


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