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How NOT To Prepare For Your Big Move
By dm support

We’ve all heard the tips for ways to make your move go as smoothly as possible. But sometimes it is just as motivating to hear the things you should not do. In the case of preparing for a move, they include procrastinating, moving yourself, not buying insurance, not labeling boxes, packing your own valuables and not doing your homework when picking a mover.

Each one of these falls firmly into the area of things NOT to do when preparing for a move. Read on and get motivated to avoid these at all costs.


Procrastination is a fascinating topic. After all, why do people put off doing something they know they must do? It’s going to happen sooner or later, so why not do it before you are up against a deadline? Most researchers think it has to do with fear or dread about the task ahead. That’s why you might find yourself playing a computer game or watching a movie rather than packing the kitchen.

However, putting packing off only leads to higher levels of anxiety when the time comes when you have run out of time and must do the work. It doesn’t have to be that way with your move.

The best approach for moving is not to look at the big picture, because it can be overwhelming and give you those feelings of dread! Instead, try packing one room at the time, starting long before the move date. That will make the task less difficult. Small steps really do add up.

Moving Yourself

It’s tempting to do a DIY move. Many people consider doing it because they think it will save them money. But in the end, you still pay. For example, you will have to rent a truck and buy moving supplies and equipment. Beyond cash, you also will have to figure out how you and your friends will move appliances and valuable pieces of furniture without damaging them. That’s not a position you want to put yourself in.

Not Buying Insurance

There are many things to consider when getting moving insurance. However, the bottom line is this: you likely want more insurance than what movers provide, which is based on weight, not value. A reputable mover will direct you to a third-party insurer who can provide better insurance protection for your valuables. Remember: Moving companies are not insurers. Don’t trust one that offers you a higher level of insurance than required by the law, and at a higher rate.

Not Labeling Boxes

People get into a hurry. They sometimes wait until the last minute (see procrastination, above). They end up throwing things into boxes without labeling them. Then, when they get to their new home, they can’t find important items such as dishes (which is bad), toilet paper (also bad) or medications (even worse). Start packing early and take the time to label your boxes! You’ll be glad you did when you arrive in your new home.

Packing Your Own Valuables

Transporting your most valuable possessions, such as heirloom jewelry, in your own car is one thing. But packing up fragile artwork and decorative items is not the best approach. Make sure you hire a mover with experience in white glove service, including the packing and transportation of art, pianos, classic cars, etc. Don’t put yourself in a position where one misstep or case of “butter fingers” leads to a valuable item getting damaged.

Not Doing Research To Hire Your Movers

The moving industry is full of scammers. People advertise their services at ridiculously low rates, then show up with their two cousins and an old truck to move your home. Not good. Take the time to find a mover with a good reputation, years of experience and all the professional moving services you need. This includes:

  • Free estimates
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Packing supplies
  • Packing services
  • Disassembly and assembly of light furniture, such as bed frames
  • Storage facilities
  • Proof of licensure and the ability to handle intrastate, interstate and even international moves

A move can seem overwhelming and stressful. Hiring professionals can lower that stress level significantly. Take the time to find the right movers, and it will make avoiding all the things you should not do a whole lot easier.


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