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How Much Will My Move Cost?
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When you start preparing for a move, cost is one of the first factors you want to consider. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what you will pay, because a variety of factors go into calculating the cost of a move.

When you contact a mover, they should use the following factors in determining price. It’s highly recommended to work only with movers who will give you accurate, free estimate and then a guaranteed price before the move starts. That prevents them from increasing the price after yourbelongings are on the truck, which is one of the biggest scams done by bad-faith movers.

Moving Cost Price Factors

The following are the legitimate, real factors that moving companies use to determine how much a move will cost. You may want to get more than one estimate if the pricing seems far too high or far too low.

The Size of the Move

Movers will base their rate on the time they think it will take to move your items. That means they need an accurate assessment of how much stuff you need to move, as well as the size and weight. Other factors in this area:

  • Does the move involve stairs?
  • Does the move involve a lot of big items that are difficult to move?
  • Does the move involve a lot of rooms?
  • Does the move involve a lot of antiques or fragile items that will require extra time to move?

Professional movers assess the situation and determine a fair price for the costs, including labor, of moving the number and total weight of the items you have.

How Far Is The Move?

Fuel costs are also part of the equation for moving companies. They will want to know the exact mileage between your current home and the one you are moving into. Obviously, interstate moves will cost you more than a move across town. The price per mile will vary, so check with each company you contact to find out what they charge.

Are You Packing Yourself?

Full-service moving companies will offer you packing services where they handle boxing up all your items. This comes with an additional charge. They also can offer you packing materials and supplies if you decide to pack yourself, another area where you will pay extra. In both cases, however, you are getting either professional packing services or high quality moving supplies.

Are You Buying Extra Insurance?

Insurance is a topic you need to consider carefully. Movers are required to provide a basic insurance policy that will result in you getting money for anything damaged during a move, but it’s based on weight, not value. Check your current homeowner or renter insurance policy to see if it covers moves. Also, legitimate movers will offer you the chance to buy third-party insurance to cover your belongings.

How To Get the Best Price on a Move

Comparison shopping is where to start when trying to get the best price. Keep in mind, however, that best price does not always mean best service. You want the “sweet spot” where the price is reasonable,and the service is high quality. You can handle your own packing and not buy extra insurance, but each comes with its risks (and, in the case of packing, extra labor).

It’s also smart to stay flexible. If discounts are available for moving during “off times,” try to change your schedule around to take advantage.

Also, a purge of your household can greatly reduce the amount of items you need to move, which in turn will reduce cost. Think about holding a garage sale, which can also help you raise money to offset the cost of the move.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you find out the cost of your move is to ensure you are dealing with reputable movers who have the proper licensing and a solid reputation. That alone will save you money, and a lot of stress.


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