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How Do I Move Collectibles Safely?

Collectibles Safely
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Moving collectibles can seem stressful. But getting them from Point A to Point B can be done safely by first identifying valuable items, researching the proper way to store and move them, getting materials you need and hiring a professional moving company to transport the items.

Moving collectibles safely, as well as valuable items such as pianos and artwork, is part of what Good Greek Moving & Storage offers its clients. With decades of experience, Good Greek has moved many collectibles, pieces of artwork and pianos.

But the safe transport of collectibles starts with you and your process of preparing your home for a move.

What Counts As a Collectible?

Searching for collectibles should be part of your plan to clean out your home and get ready for a move. You also may want to identify any collectibles when you prepare to downsize. Whatever the case, make sure you take time to find out what you have up in the attic or in the back of the closet.

Many people have collectibles and do not know it, according to the AARP. Some of the most common overlooked items include:

  • Action figures
  • Barbies
  • Baseball cards
  • Coca-Cola advertising pieces
  • Comic books
  • Vintage furniture
  • Pokémon cards
  • Sports memorabilia
  • “Star Wars” merchandise
  • Vintage tools
  • Old records

When in doubt, have the item checked out. Don’t trust your own judgement. Something you’ve seen as clutter for years – or stored in a box and quickly forgotten about – may turn out to have high value in the eyes of a collector.

Research How to Store and Pack Collectibles

Every type of collectible has different storage rules. For example, you should store comic books with cardboard backing and enclose them in protective plastic sleeves especially fitted for comics. Action figures are more valuable if still in the box. And old records should be stored in their original sleeves. Every collectible has its own storage rules, and most of it is available on internet sites dedicated to your particular collectible.

Getting Materials to Move Collectibles

The comic sleeves mentioned above are not expensive, but they are necessary. It’s important to know how to pack your type of collectible. You’ll also want plenty of the type of packing materials used with most kinds of collectibles, including Bubble Wrap, packing paper and protective blankets. For example, with fragile items you’ll want to:

  • Wrap each item individually, taking care not to get any tape on the items
  • Use Bubble Wrap to provide a layer of protection
  • Pad boxes with plenty of cushion material (like crushed packing paper)
  • Not overpack boxes with too many collectibles or fragile items
  • Fill any gaps inside the box with packing paper, and add a layer on top, as well

Get more boxes than you think you’ll need to ensure that you don’t put too many collectibles into one box.

Hire Professional Movers

It’s tempting to move everything yourself. If you have one item that is collectible or personally important to you (family jewelry passed down through the generations, for example), then you may want to transport it in your own car. But if you have many items, or larger and very expensive ones, hiring professionals with experience is the way to go.

Moving professionals are the right choice for transporting collectibles because they:

  • May have all the packing materials you need
  • Can offer advice on best practices for packing collectibles
  • Can offer insurance through a third-party insurer to make sure you are covered in case anything happens to your collectibles in transit
  • Will know how to safely load items onto the moving truck to avoid damage

Taking these steps can help you identify important collectibles, store and pack them correctly, and get them transported safely to your destination. Also, it will take all the stress out of moving your most valuable items.


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