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Get a Moving Quote For Your Florida Move

One of the most important parts of any move is shopping around for a good mover service at a fair price. However, it’s not always as easy as you might expect. Some companies charge just to evaluate your move and give you a quote. Others may offer you one price beforehand, then change that price (upwards, of course) on moving day.

Good Greek Moving & Storage takes the anxiety out of this process. Our professionals evaluate your moving needs and give you a free estimate for what your move will cost. Once you get that free quote, you can start planning your move knowing what the cost will be.

We used Good Greek for our long distance move from South Florida to Metro Atlanta and they were awesome!

Vanessa Teitler
Atlanta, GA

Why You Want a Moving Quote For Your Move

Getting an accurate, free moving quote is important during the planning stages of your move as you prepare for the big day. A free quote is based on the information provided and is helpful as you gather quotes from various sources and plan for the cost of your move.
It’s free, simple and easy to do.

  • Call Good Greek Moving & Storage for your free estimate
  • Estimates are only as good as the information provided, and will likely be followed up with a call or visit from a moving specialist
  • This allows you to compare price quotes you’ve received while “shopping around”
  • Once set, your price will help you budget for your moving costs

It’s easy to start the process to get a quote – it’s just a phone call away. Good Greek Moving & Storage handles all types of moves, from large homes to apartments and commercial moves for businesses. No move is too big or too small.

Good Greek Moving Reviews

alicia jones
12:17 29 Jul 18
I chose Good Greek to move my 5,000+ 3 story house from Knoxville to Palm Beach and I am so glad I did. From the beginning Michael followed up with me on every question I had (and I had many) almost instantly. If he didn’t have the answer he checked with his boss and got back to me quickly. The move was going to be challenging because our home in Tennessee wasn’t accessible for a semi. Good Greek decided to rent a local truck, load it at our house then transport it to a truck stop and reload it to the semi. I had three of the most wonderful men as movers: Jose, Jonathan and Manny. Out of all the movers we have had in the past I can not say enough about how amazing these guys were. They took time to be sure all the “special things” were packed correctly and communicated with me constantly. Not one time did I hear a complaint or negative comment about anything I asked them to do. Good Greek accommodated my need to pack one weekend then hold everything until the next weekend due to closing dates of houses. They scheduled the same team to unpack me which was wonderful. Jose, Manny and Jonathon Manny once again did an amazing job unpacking everything. They didn’t rush to just get done and go home. They actually cared and were concerned about my things. I even have very fine European Crystal that I have broken before just from hand washing them and NOT ONE OF THEM were broken during the move. I was amazed!!!!The only mistake I made during the move was purchasing the additional insurance, with these guys I didn’t need it!!!!!Amazing job Good Greek Movers!!! You guys have got it going on! I will recommend and use only you in the future! PS. I don’t know what you pay this team but whatever it is, it’s not enough! They are great ambassadors for your company!read more
Marianne Penello
15:35 10 Aug 18
It's easy to give a five star review when everything goes smoothly as planned. We had the hottest day all summer, and due to so many people moving that day we had only two gentlemen moving us. Those guys worked nonstop, but the move went far longer than they expected, and our bed headboard fell and was damaged. Robert Lopez had booked our move, and as he promised, despite the prolonged hours, we were only charged exactly what he gave us as an estimate. And the headboard? Within 48hours he had Allan at our door, who repaired the headboard so beautifully that friends can't find the "damaged" area! Without a doubt, we made the right choice choosing Good Greek!read more
Kathleen Servita
13:44 22 Jul 18
Outstanding move from Ft.Lauderdale to North Carolina. From our 1st meeting with Michael to our moving team of 3 lead by Alex. The movers were incredibly prompt, polite and fast. We also had items that were not properly boxed and they wrapped up and placed on truck. The final result everything arrived on time and not a single broken item. Another major plus, the same team who packed us up, delivered the goods on the other end! Recommend them every day, any day. Call Good Greek Movers!read more
Baydin Achill
13:42 02 Nov 18
This company did an awesome job helping me and my family to move. Due to having to relocate for a new job, I needed a company that would be able to help us move quickly. The staff was friendly and responded to my every need. They were also very careful with all of our furniture. They were professional and made sure I was happy with the way things were going. They understood my current situation and worked quickly to ensure everything was done in a timely fashion. I am very satisfied with this company and would recommend more
David Denes
13:52 26 Oct 18
I didn’t really need a moving company given the amount of things I owned. But it became a necessity with the time constraints. I hired Good Greek Moving & Storage and wasn’t very sure them. Nevertheless, the movers were very careful while packing my belongings. I couldn’t let go of some of the things that belonged to my father and I asked the movers to take them carefully. They wrapped every piece perfectly in paper and bubble wraps. All my furniture and boxes were loaded into their truck and we were off. These guys definitely made my move easier and I’m thankful for more
Dawn Vilardi
01:29 21 Oct 18
If you are looking for great organized movers then look no further. How did I find them? I watched them moving a new neighbor in to their apartment next door and I was impressed with how everything was wrapped and how the crew carefully removed everything from the truck. I decided that I would call them for our next move. We ended up using them for our move and I was very pleased. Good Greek Is fantastic and I recommend them to anyone making a move. Nick was very helpful and responded to any questions or concerns I had. The crew was fantastic. They worked well together, they were courteous, very friendly, positive attitudes and treated my furniture and valuables with unbelievable care. I was very impressed at the professionalism because it’s very hard to find in other companies.I moved from South Florida to North Carolina and it was less stressful then my previous move with another company which was a short distance in Florida. That company was not professional and threw my stuff in the truck and offered to finish the job early so they could cut the price down in exchange for extra gratuity. They also bickered the entire time. Don’t waste your time. Good Greek Moving is the right company for the job hands down! Needless to say I would use them more
Michael Cuesta
14:26 02 Oct 18
When my family and I decided to schedule my move, we immediately thought of contacting the Good Greek. Jonathan lead the team of three. The crew was joyful, pleasant, respectful and most importantly diligent. They meticulously wrapped, taped and strategically organized all my furniture to prevent scratch and dents throughout the transport. The crew worked through the day with an upbeat pace and efficiently completed the move to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Good Greek and especially Jonathan for anyone interested in a courteous and professional move experience. Thank you for your more
Glen Wagemsed
13:45 25 Oct 18
Good Greek Moving & Storage was just awesome. I had to say that the team did a cracking job. From the starting to finish they were very helpful, modest and professional and they did everything they could to ensure things went as smoothly as possible. They worked under very difficult circumstances but never complained. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. There were no mishaps anywhere. We were impressed by their more
Kendall Kennedy
01:42 03 Dec 18
Greek moving moved our business on Saturday. This was the most professional moving experience I have ever witnessed. The guys moved for 9 hours without a single complaint up and down stairs. I have never been so impressed with a moving company in my life. These guys are 100% experts and truly took care of our office furniture. I will recommend Greek to everyone!read more
Luis Bradley
12:09 15 Dec 18
I am really thankful to the crew of Good Greek Moving & Storage. Also I would like to thank the sales guy for his fantastic support. I had many things to be packed, moved and stored to my new home and they did that with great care and efficiency. It was really good to see their out of the box thinking abilities and they were actually ready to take on any kind of obstacles. They took less time than the original quote, which actually saved some money and time. In short, I was very happy with the service they have more
Tod Moore
15:24 17 Dec 18
Fabulous job and the movers exceeded my expectations. They were prompt, courteous, professional and experienced movers. I would utilize their services again and appreciate their professionalism. The foreman and his team did a really great job. Great service at a great more
Jason Herren
12:22 18 Dec 18
I hired Good Greek Moving and I was just blown away by their services. They were efficient in moving the items and carefully placing things where we wanted. If I ever move again they will be my first and only call. Everything was handled professionally and leading up to moving day. You can find several different companies. But with this company you will find the right blend of competitive rates and customer service that satisfies more
Samuel Mostoperly
12:59 19 Dec 18
We couldn’t have asked for a better move to be honest. They helped us with our long distance move and I must say that they were wonderful. They took great care of me and my family. Good Greek Moving & Storage did all of our packing for us, it was a little bit more expensive but was worth it I can honestly tell you that! We are very happy with their services that they provided to more
Lynwood Burgos
14:17 27 Dec 18
We managed to get a team of 4 to help us move 2 days before CHRISTMAS EVE. They were punctual and arrived at 9am on the dot.The team was fantastic, they did everything super quickly and really treated our belongings with care. This is the first move in my life where nothing was damaged, and I've moved around a ton. I'm especially grateful to them that I will be able to celebrate Christmas in my new more
Lisa Basham
17:12 01 Jan 19
What a superb service. The guys were incredible. Very courteous, caring and fast. The guys from Good Greek Moving & Storage finished wrapping all my belongings with in few hours only. They used pads to protect my floors and the front door. They had all tools to get the job done properly. I think it is important to inform I moved my belongings into a new home on the third floor with no elevator and the move was done quite professionally without any problem. I already recommended their service to my acquaintances and shall use them for my future more
Ronald Gaither
12:01 02 Jan 19
Good Greek Moving & Storage was a great help during my long distance move. We had great collaboration with these guys and they worked perfectly. Their sales rep was more than accommodating. He offered a good deal and personally came down to inspect. He is not just a sales rep, he is multi talented. He helped the team. It felt like he was a part of my family. So kind and efficient. Anyways, this move turned out to be more
Opal Pitre
13:41 05 Jan 19
I am so much grateful to the entire relocation team. The people involved did such a good work relocating me. The movers managed to move my properties with lots of ease. What inspired me was the fact that no losses were reported during and after the relocation. Most importantly, the final payments were not very different from the initial quotes. They stick to their words and I liked that about more
Karen Batchelder
14:29 14 Jan 19
Their seriousness on the job was clearly visible. They came in early, packed and wrapped my belongings with care and got me ready to go in few hours. I really did think that they will screw things up because it was a long distance move. But they proved me wrong. They protected every single item. No scratches on anything! They were so cool about everything. They even helped me with my car which wasn’t working properly. They were so kind and helpful and I highly recommend Good Greek Moving & Storage,read more
John Richardson
14:30 18 Jan 19
I am so happy with Good Greek Moving & Storage for making my move go perfect. From the first time we contacted the company things were smooth. The salesperson was informative and the crew on move date was so professional. They were superb when it came to packing my valuables. The delivery was prompt. I would use them again. If you are looking for mover just hire these more
Florencio Calvin
13:12 29 Jan 19
The crews were fantastic. Not only in service, but they were very affirmative in approach as well. I took the support of Good Greek Moving & Storage for moving 2 weeks ago. I was in a big rush after the relocation and that is why could not thank them. They moved all my stuffs keeping zero dent or damage. Crews were very friendly with my family, especially with my kids. Thanks a lot Good Greek Moving & Storage. My relocation would not have been that smooth without your more
Christopher Shealy
16:08 28 Jan 19
Movers were Awesome. Informed me of an earlier arrival time, which was great. When they arrived they got right to work and protected all my furniture before loading it on the truck. They made an effort to put my things in the correct rooms when we arrived and finished before the estimated time. Great experience, I am planning to use Good Greek Moving & Storage more
Duane McShane
14:44 03 Feb 19
From the moment we met with Richie at our home for the guaranteed estimate, we knew we were in good hands. Was Greek the least expensive quote we received? No, but the quality, professionalism, and peace of mind was well worth every penny. The closing on our house was pushed back a week and with one short call to Richie our moving date was changed. When Alex and his exceptional crew showed up the morning of the move, they were friendly and very professional. They respected our property, moved everything with care. Packed our TV and pictures perfectly. In 2 and a half hours had out 2nd floor condo and storage unit on the road to our new home.Upon arrival at our new home (250 miles away) Alex and his crew unloaded everything with the same care and professionalism as when the loaded. Everything was put in it's place and arrived intact and unharmed.We highly recommend Greek Moving & Storage and will be advising all of our family and friends who are in need of a moving service to consider no one more
Antonio Pickering
15:26 08 Feb 19
Good Greek Moving & Storage were by far the most professional, efficient, hardworking, and courteous guys. They didn't waste any time and got to work right away. All our stuff were handled with care and wrapped really well. Compared to other movers, the price was great also. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of movers. I'm very impressed and will definitely use them more
Susan Carico
14:38 22 Feb 19
I hired Good Greek Moving & Storage about 2 weeks ago for my move and I couldn't have made a better choice. I thought they totally deserve a positive review. I never believed in perfection but these guys were really excellent in everything they did. All of my items were handled with extreme care and got here in one piece without any damage. I had moved several times in the past. But it was the best experience I ever had. They made my move as easy and as pleasant as more
Ssal Henderson
13:45 25 Feb 19
The crew were amazing. The packing was done with great care. The loading / unloading was done perfectly. I was very impressed and happy with the overall way in which the team worked together. All items came in perfect condition. I don’t think there was anything missing in the service. Thanks very much for arranging and making this easy - did take a lot of stress away on the day. Please pass on my thanks to them. They were simply more
Janet Lytle
14:38 04 Mar 19
I am just full of joy. I cannot express how happy I am Good Greek Moving & Storage was the one which moved me recently and they did such a great job. Words are not enough. Their sales rep gave me a very low deal which was very amazing. Their moving team came on time on the day of the move and packed all my things properly and carefully. They loaded and unloaded it all with super care and did not damage anything at all. It was a very smooth move. No extra fees too. I highly recommend this moving company to more
Dorthy Kirk
13:01 05 Mar 19
Movers from Good Greek Moving & Storage were trustworthy and highly skilled. They were experienced, I must appreciate this. They arrived on time and packed everything very quickly. They even wrapped my furniture with plastic wraps to avoid scratches. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. Their service charge was very low and I was okay with my estimate. All in all I can say they satisfied me with their more
Ricardo Leo
14:57 22 Mar 19
This moving team was the best. Everything was absolutely exceptional. The movers were kind and very careful with all of our fragile furniture. They moved everything out so quickly and explained the process step by step to us. This company is so affordable and the customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend using this company for any moving more
David Fielder
12:04 23 Mar 19
My family and I hired Good Greek Moving & Storage to help us with our long distance move and it went smooth thanks to this company. First of all their low prices attracted us, but it’s not only that, you get a good service and kind workers and of course quick deliverance. There were no damages when our belongings arrived and they also helped us setting up the place. I must say that we had a lovely more
Alyssa Treccioli
14:28 24 Mar 19
I had the pressure put on me to find a moving company to move a VERY heavy and VERY expensive sound booth for my job. I knew instantly who to call! Austin from Greek helped coordinate the move and was professional and easy to work with. I was so at ease that I had made the right choice! Moving day came and the guys were extremely careful with the equipment, my bosses were very impressed! I myself will be using them for my upcoming move! Greek moving is the full package, fair priced, professional and reliable!read more
Donna Sellers
13:05 27 Mar 19
I checked many other companies before hiring Good Greek Moving & Storage. All of them quoted pretty much the same number but this company quoted quite less than the others. So I hired the company because at least this one has a good reputation and was quite cheap. I was satisfied with their service. They were punctual, capable and reliable. Their attitude had a certain confidence, as if they really know this business. I had absolutely no issues with the more
Scarlett Freitag
16:00 28 Mar 19
I was very impressed with the great job the movers did. Their honesty was simply exceptional. They brought all tools and equipment's on move day so that there was no problem to handle my belongings. It seemed everything was pre-planned. They disassembled my big furniture and again reassembled once they came at my new home to deliver my stuffs. I would definitely hire them again for my next more
Dwight Heffington
15:05 29 Mar 19
The moving team provided a great service and did so quickly. They arrived within the promised window of time. The estimator came to expedite the process and charged me a very reasonable amount. The movers too were also extremely friendly and were a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them for my next more
David Jannette
15:33 12 Apr 19
Good Greek Moving & Storage is the company you can blindly trust. They are reliable, honest, efficient and caring. They value your things like their own and they treat you like you are their only client. I loved working with them. My recent move with them went smoothly and quickly. Every single item was well packed and moved. They did the delivery on time. I found no damages. It really was a good move. There were no damages and no extra fees. I will use them again and I will recommend them to more
Erin Moya Roth
02:19 14 Apr 19
Within 3 days Phil came and gave us a quote and had us ready for moving. Today the guys came and moved us doing a fantastic job. Everything was wrapped perfectly and quickly also everyone is super friendly and helpful. Nothing was broke or scratched. I highly recommend this company to anyone. I definitely will use them again and let all my family and friends know how great they are. Thank you so very much, my husband and I are so grateful to you more
Andrew Cantu
12:20 13 Apr 19
Our family hired Good Greek Moving & Storage to move us cross state and we need to tell everyone that this moving company moved us very professionally and damage free. They were very punctual from the beginning and they moved us very quickly. On the day of the move, three men came to help us. They very nicely moved all the household items and did not make a mess. They smoothly moved us without any damages. We would also like to thank them for not changing the price in the end. We will hire you again if needed. more
James Bowling
13:30 15 Apr 19
We were quite crunched for cash before this move. That’s why when Good Greek Moving & Storage gave an estimate that seemed too low to be true, we immediately hired them. It turned out to be the best decision we made during this move. The movers were absolutely fantastic. We own a huge couch and getting it out of our apartment could have been tricky. It was no big deal to the movers. It was a brilliant performance from these guys. The delivery was made on time as well. I feel like these guys gave us the best value for more
Anthony Cooper
14:30 18 Apr 19
The moving company we hired was the best and we have no doubts or hesitation to share our experience with all. We needed to move immediately. Good Greek Moving & Storage were the company which helped us move and they did an excellent job for us. The move was perfect in every aspect. We checked all the boxes once they were unloaded, nothing seemed to be missing or broken and we were happy on seeing the company truck arrive on time. The company also charged us a good price which was cheaper in comparison to other company’s more
Joshua Townsend
13:01 25 Apr 19
We were really excited for this move. But the issue was that we had a lot of things. We just had to hire Good Greek Moving & Storage for the moving purposes. I have heard some great things about this company and their work proved why they were so good at their work. Each and every person is very well trained. They were so fast that it was almost unbelievable. We’re so grateful to more
Andre Clune
13:11 30 Apr 19
The moving team extremely nice and professional from the beginning. He was precise and personal and made me feel like he enjoyed his work. They were also nice and very good movers. They wrapped everything and nothing got damaged. They were outstanding. Quick, efficient and profession, I am very satisfied. They arrived on time and started checking everything, then loaded my things right away. If I have to move again, I will call Good Greek Moving & Storage for their more
James Samons
13:15 03 May 19
Usually we do not know how they do the pricing and how do the price changes, but Good Greek Moving & Storage explained every detail to me. They warned me about many things so that I could stick to my budget. They are so informative and helpful. On the other hand, their moving team is very professional and skilled. They moved me out of my apartment very smoothly. There were no bumps, no damages and no scratches. I was moved stress free and within the given time. I had the best time of my life. I highly recommend them to more
Robert Parker
10:09 09 May 19
Thanks for great service. My wife and I are very happy with the services provided by Good Greek Moving & Storage. My wife is very picky when it comes to move but she really appreciated their service. She was happy to see that the crew took good care of her things especially and nothing of her belongings got damaged or missing. The crew was great. Efficient, hardworking and friendly. No problems occurred thankfully. So I give them 5 stars for a great more
Avery Marlow
10:13 11 May 19
Without any doubt I am saying that Good Greek Moving & Storage is the best moving company for long distance. They move your things amazingly well and how they get furniture out from those unusual places without damaging it. They are clearly experienced and skilled. I had a magnificent time with them last week when they were helping me with my long distance move. They were quick, professional and efficient. I had a brilliant move. I will use them more
Gregory Tully
10:24 14 May 19
We hired Good Greek Moving & Storage simply because they quoted the lowest and we couldn’t afford the fancy ones. This company turned out to be very professional. They sent over 4 movers who were all efficient. Every time they were confused about something, they didn’t hesitate to ask. They followed our instructions very well. In the end, all our items were securely delivered. I don’t know why people keep complaining about moving companies. Our move went really more
Brian Rodgers
09:40 20 May 19
This moving company deserves more than 5 stars. They are an amazing moving company. They moved me a few weeks ago and the results are amazing. They moved me in record time. They moved without any damages, dents or scratches. There were no extra fees or hidden fees. And they did not mess anything up. I got everything I needed. Good Greek Moving & Storage are the one you must hire for your long distance more
pamela angel
09:15 25 May 19
My move with the help of Good Greek Moving & Storage few weeks ago was just perfect. The movers were really capable. They showed up on time and great skills in packing everything. They had no troubles carrying big pieces of furniture. I was very happy seeing how hard these men worked. The delivery was also made on time and everything traveled well. They stuck to their original quote and I was totally happy with everything. I will certainly recommend these more
Michael Sullivan
15:23 19 Jun 19
I have used Good Greek Moving company thrice now and I have always had a smooth moving experience. The moving team showed up on time, prepared and ready to go. I have never had any damage to any items and the movers were professional and efficient from start to finish. I cannot recommend them more enough and will surely use them in the more
Jeffrey Christopher
13:03 24 Jun 19
This is just a note to say thank you to Good Greek Moving & Storage for all the help they provided in arranging the furniture. Everyone there was brilliant, very patient and understanding. The guys who helped me with the boxes were really great to work with and very friendly and calm. Nothing seemed too much trouble. I was impressed with the way they respond. They arrived safely before they had even sent me the invoice. Needless to say, I will be recommending Good Greek Moving & Storage to all my more
Paul Hill
16:35 26 Jun 19
I really can’t thank Good Greek Moving & Storage enough for all the hard work they did for me last month. They moved me out of state and they moved me so peacefully and smoothly. The moving team came on time and very quickly moved me out. All the expensive stuff were nicely packed and moved. The furniture’s were also nicely carried and moved. There were no damages in the end and I loved that this move went so smoothly. Also, their price did not change in the end. I highly recommend his moving company to more
Michael Mitchell
16:31 03 Jul 19
Good Greek Moving & Storage has an amazing reputation in the market. My brother has previously hired them and he also recommended them. I have to admit, they really are awesome. Their men were so professional every step of the way. I was very impressed by the efficiency and skills shown by these men. They lifted my heavy furniture with such ease. Everything was so well packed that nothing suffered any kind of damages on the way. I received everything right on the scheduled as well. Trust me when I say this: these guys won’t disappoint more
Cathy King
15:26 04 Jul 19
I’m grateful for the wonderful service I received last week from this moving company. My move was done so easily and carefully. My belongings were easy for the guys to pack but still they did a great job at it. It feels great when you find your belongings safe and sound and without a single scratch. I’m glad I went with Good Greek Moving & Storage. They really helped me more
Coy Sell
14:30 05 Jul 19
From the moment I visited the website of Good Greek Moving & Storage, I knew there was something different with this moving company. I want to share my experience. They were different. They provided us an excellent customer service but they quoted me very low. Anyone can afford them. All of my items were handled with extreme care and got here in one piece without any damage. I was so pleased with their service. I would like to recommend them to more
Hartmann Sloan
14:09 06 Jul 19
I requested Good Greek Moving & Storage to assist us for a next day move. Despite having tight schedule they managed time for us. I was grateful to these people. I didn’t have to go through any negotiation. There was no secret charge either. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I couldn’t hope for any smoother move. They made the hard task into ease. That might not have been possible without their help. They were well worth my more
Jakub Potter
13:31 10 Jul 19
They were so punctual that they didn’t even take a break for one minute. I don’t think I need to write any more compliments about them. They are already well reviewed. Good Greek Moving & Storage always kept communication. They cautiously protect all delicate items. There was no breakage in the delivery. I highly recommend them for a stress free more
Cristiano Hampton
14:27 11 Jul 19
I have absolutely no complaints with the way Good Greek Moving & Storage performed during my move just because of the efficiency and pace the movers displayed. They sent a crew made up of very strong and able men; they arrived on time and packed everything perfectly. The best thing about these movers was their speed. They were so fast at packing and loading. I was fearful that they were only focusing on getting the job done fast. But they were also very thorough. I have never seen speed and thoroughness combining so well. I received the delivery right on the scheduled date and everything survived the journey more
James Bond
16:27 22 Jul 19
This is the best moving company around. They moved us to our new apartment without a hitch. There was no delay, no damage done to our belongings, no hidden cost and nothing which might have bothered us. I am highly impressed. I would like to thank their sales rep for his great organizing skills and also thanks a ton to the movers who made it all more
Bertol Maurisio
15:57 23 Jul 19
Exceptional team of movers. I am really impressed with their work. I came across many other movers but Good Greek Moving & Storage caught my attention and i hired them for the move. They completed the job exactly as per the estimate. No hidden charges and no surprises on day of the move. They came equipped and uniformed. I will definitely refer them to my more
Michael Sharon
14:04 24 Jul 19
They are the right guys for your move. If you are looking for an efficient, professional and reliable moving company. I highly recommend Good Greek Moving & Storage company. I had a lot of things which are very valuable and priceless to me. They protected it so well that it didn’t even get scratched. These movers are super professional and efficient. I highly recommend them to more
Timothy Hancock
14:46 25 Jul 19
These movers were awesome. They showed up a bit early and were really fast, courteous and went the extra mile to get the job done fast. They finished the move in less than the requested time and were so nice along the way. I would absolutely recommend them and would use them again if I have to move anywhere more
Sandra Amar
20:36 30 Jul 19
Wow! Amazing service. We had 6 men come to move all of our large furniture and things to a 2 story house. I was worried about our newly installed wood floors so I asked them to be careful and put some felt casters on the furniture to not scratch the floors. All the men were friendly and did a great job. My house was still clean and we were ready to sleep in our beds the same night. The incredible thing was it was RAINING during our move and no mud in my house! Great job. I highly recommend!read more
Ralph Thoman
14:43 30 Jul 19
I hired this amazing moving company during my recent move. They made my move so easy. The movers were very capable and friendly. They packed up my whole apartment so fast. Never did I see such friendly and apt movers in my life. They really were the break I needed while dealing with the stress of relocation. Highly more
Christoper Madrigal
15:27 01 Aug 19
The movers were amazing at moving my furniture, disassembling then and putting it back together. They were very accommodating and nice. The sales rep was also very informative about what to expect regarding costs. The company has an effective way of communicating in addition to the phone calls. Thanks team for your hard work and more
Brock Houck
14:54 02 Aug 19
These movers were awesome during my recent relocation. They put so much effort into making the move go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They were extremely careful not only with our stuff, but conscious of not wanting to scratch floors or the walls. They are great to work with and extremely courteous. I would highly recommend more
Alisha Smith
15:38 07 Aug 19
I hired Good Greek for a local FL move and they were phenomenal. Mike, who came over to do our survey was kind, knowledgeable and reassuring. On the say of the move, our crew of three showed up early and instantly went to work. They were fast and definitely knew what they were doing. They were also really nice to my pets and took time to pat my dogs and talk to my parrot (haha!). Mike came around during the packing of the old house and also the move in to the new house and I thought that was great attention to detail and shows he cares about his crew and the service he is providing. He also came back a couple of days later to collect the broken down boxes. I am very thankful for Mike and the moving crew. I am former military and have been through 5 previous full service moves and this one was by far the smoothest. Thanks, guys!read more
Jason Jones
16:09 10 Aug 19
Just did my third move with Good Greek Moving & Storage and they truly do get better each time. These movers are a cut above the rest in terms of professionalism and attention to detail. They treat your belongings as if it were their own and they go above and beyond to make sure the move is to your satisfaction. To boot, their prices are more than fair. Highly recommended moving more
Carlos Weathers
15:15 16 Aug 19
The sales rep was awesome in helping keep everything organized coming up to the move and always responded promptly to every question I had. The movers too were absolutely awesome. True professionals who moved quickly and never slowed down but still were very careful and helpful. I will definitely hire them out whenever I have to move in the more
Andreas Trejo
14:50 20 Aug 19
The movers were professional, energetic and eager to do a great job. Amazing service all around. The sales rep too did a great job communicating with us and promptly returned calls. He was so flexible with some of our last minute changes. We will definitely call them the next time we need more
Ian Pointer
13:17 24 Aug 19
Moving is always stressful but this moving team made the process smooth and quick. They were professional, affordable and prompt. They explained everything clearly and I used them to pack up my home. The movers boxed and wrapped all my stuff and labeled each box. The delivery to the home was on time and they unpacked all items and placed them in proper rooms at my new home. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stress free more
Valerie Latham
15:03 26 Aug 19
I had a great experience with this moving company. The movers arrived promptly and were set to work. They had the right tools to make the moving process look easy though I know it was not. They were very careful not to damage the furniture. All my stuff was delivered within the estimated time. Best moving service to hire more
Wilburn Aiken
14:42 31 Aug 19
I would recommend this company if you are looking to move. The service was outstanding. The movers were hardworking and respectful. Their prices are very comparable to everyone else and no hidden rates are involved. All my stuff including the fragile items were delivered in pristine condition. Quality moving more
Tim Feld
23:31 05 Sep 19
Recently we moved from Palm Beach Gardens to Jupiter. Before moving I got 4 quotes from reputable moving companies. Phil Depasquale and Good Greek Moving & Storage gave me the best quote. On top of having the best quote Phil's customer service was spot on. He showed up EARLY to give me my quote and was very polite. After receiving the quote he followed up with me two days after and asked if I had any questions. No other company showed up early and followed up. I decided to go with Phil because of the price and professionalism. The move went smooth as the guys completed it in one day. Nothing broke and everything was done on time. Thanks guys I will highly recommend your more
Tyler Stimac
14:14 05 Sep 19
The movers from Good Greek Moving & Storage were professional and handled all items with care. They were very fast and very careful with all my items. They knew what I wanted and helped me to set up all the things in the new house perfectly within a short time. My family was just as impressed and that meant a lot to me. I would use them again for my next more
Cletus Oswald
14:55 03 Sep 19
Very pleased with my experience. I utilized this moving company as I relocated recently. Not only were they able to accommodate my schedule, but they were efficient and respectful as well. The foreman explained each step along the way. The movers too were quick and careful with no damages or issues. I would absolutely recommend this moving more
Bob Dobolina
21:06 08 Sep 19
My wife and I had to move from upstate New York to South Carolina. We went online to request quotes and received a call from a guy named Dave McLaughlin at Good Greek Moving and Storage. He was quick, but thorough. He had a fixed, guaranteed price emailed to us within the hour. The price wasn't the lowest and it wasn't the highest but it was comparable to most of the others we received. We checked their credentials and decided to go with Good Greek.Here's where it gets even better: Not only did the truck arrive on time, but the delivery was made within days. We are extremely happy and we highly recommend this more
Baker Freddie
15:14 09 Sep 19
The movers showed up on time and communicated well about their arrival. They moved quickly and were flexible with moving things. They had a great price compared to other quotes I received. Overall I had a great experience with more
James Lynch
14:43 14 Sep 19
The movers were absolutely fantastic while they moved my belongings. But what really impressed me was their customer service. They were prompt, attentive and experienced. I was constantly kept informed by the customer reps so I wouldn’t become worried about my possessions. Their quote was very reasonable and they really gave me a good deal. Outstanding moving more
Jesusita Isaacs
14:23 16 Sep 19
The customer rep team was very efficient while scheduling the move. On the move day, the movers came on time and started working right away. They loaded and unloaded the truck with utmost care. They were very careful in protecting my furniture and my newly refinished wood floors. Overall, I could not have been more pleased with my moving more
Ellis Hutson
13:32 17 Sep 19
I had a great moving experience because of these amazing movers. Everything went so well and they knew exactly what to do. On time, on estimate, friendly and careful all along the moving process. We've had bad experiences in the past with other companies so this was a refreshing difference.I would absolutely recommend them to anyone planning a more
James Rutherford
14:05 18 Sep 19
This move was made easy from the first phone call with an outstanding customer service representative who scheduled the move. The politeness and product knowledge of this gentleman was impressive. They understand the value of good customer service and what it means to provide it. They worked hard, explained the services well and were pleasant to work with. I appreciated the excellent service they provided to more
Jeffrey Treadwell
13:51 19 Sep 19
These movers are amazing. They answered all of our questions before moving, arrived on time and were done loading the truck in a timely manner. No damages to any of our stuff. Great service at a reasonable price. We would definitely use them more
Kasey Reynolds
14:56 20 Sep 19
These movers from Good Greek moving company are awesome. They were able to take apart all the furniture in my room, pack it up and re-assemble it well. The team worked quickly, but were safe and careful with the furniture. There was not a single scratch on anything. We are super happy with this moving company and would surely use them more
Mike Dominic
15:03 24 Sep 19
Needed movers on short notice and was contacted quickly with a quote. Very reasonable pricing with excellent communication of the process. The movers that came were very knowledgeable and professional. They covered all furniture with moving blankets and made sure everything was protected. I would definitely recommend Good Greek Moving & Storage for moving more
Bob Dobolina
18:09 24 Sep 19
My wife and I had to move from upstate New York to South Carolina. We went online to request quotes and received a call from a guy named Dave McLaughlin at Independent Moving Solutions. He was quick, but thorough. He had a fixed, guaranteed price emailed to us within the hour. The price wasn't the lowest and it wasn't the highest but it was comparable to most of the others we received. We checked their credentials and decided to go with Independent Moving.Here's where it gets even better: Not only did the truck arrive on time, but the delivery was made within days. We are extremely happy and we highly recommend this more
Bob Dobolina
13:07 25 Sep 19
My wife and I had to move from upstate New York to South Carolina. We went online to request quotes and received a call from a guy named Dave McLaughlin at Good Greek Moving and Storage. He was quick, but thorough. He had a fixed, guaranteed price emailed to us within the hour. The price wasn't the lowest and it wasn't the highest but it was comparable to most of the others we received. We checked their credentials and decided to go with Good Greek.Here's where it gets even better: Not only did the truck arrive on time, but the delivery was made within days. We are extremely happy and we highly recommend this more
Patricia Bennett
15:52 25 Sep 19
Great moving company. Communication and estimate process before the move was seamless and efficient. The movers were awesome. They worked super hard all day along without a single break. Very friendly and did the whole thing expertly with great attitudes. I highly recommend Good Greek Moving & Storage for all moving more
George Fleming
14:16 01 Oct 19
I recently moved and was very impressed with the professionalism of the moving team that worked with me. They were honest, polite and had a good sense of professionalism which made the entire experience much more pleasant. I was in panic mode due to the short time frame in which I had to move and not only did they exceed my expectations, they calmed me down during the process. Best movers to hire more
John Wood
15:04 02 Oct 19
The moving team went above and beyond during my relocation. They made sure we were beyond happy and there was not a single issue with our furniture. There was no damage and there was nothing missing. The price was very fair and I highly recommend using them for moving more
Scott Wilson
12:56 04 Oct 19
Extremely satisfied with this company. The movers helped move my family to our new apartment. They were very respectful, cooperative and professional. They made sure to wrap everything to get it moved safely. I would definitely recommend this moving company to more
Robert Huff
12:45 05 Oct 19
I requested their service pretty last minute and they were still able to accommodate me and do a great job in the process. The movers were quick and all of my furniture arrived without a scratch. The loading and unloading process was carried out in a perfect manner. Great moving company to hire more
Bill Adams
12:47 11 Oct 19
These movers are awesome. They were on time and finished within the estimated time. They were very professional and courteous. No damage to my furniture and no damage to the walls either. Everything was perfect during the moving process. Highly more
David Harris
14:05 12 Oct 19
The foreman and his team showed up on time and were professional and courteous during the entire move. They were fast and the best movers I have hired. They were recommended to me by a friend and am so pleased that I hired them. I will recommend them to anyone who asks for a great moving more
Pamela Angela
12:20 14 Oct 19
The foreman and his team were amazing during my move. They arrived promptly, were very courteous and never stopped working. Each piece of furniture was wrapped carefully and arrived in perfect condition. I would absolutely recommend and use them again. Thanks team for providing an outstanding moving more
12:42 18 Oct 19
This was the smoothest move I have experienced. The moving team was professional and efficient. So nice, so quick and left everything in clean, unharmed condition. They took care of everything and made the move so easy. They are pros who know what they're doing. I will definitely them more
Stefan Keefer
12:29 22 Oct 19
These movers were amazing during my recent move. They were on time, efficient, careful and great to work with. They made the stress of moving completely stress free. The sales reps at the office too were a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend this moving more
Korrin Ambrose
01:00 24 Oct 19
This was my first moving experience and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it went! Not only were the staff very respectful and friendly they made sure everything was well taken care of during the move and my furniture was perfectly neat and clean the way I had it before, no dents or scratches. Along with the great move the prices were very reasonable and they make sure to get right back to you if you have questions regarding it. Will definitely be recommending. Thanks so much for the help!read more
Tina Franklin
14:05 23 Oct 19
Good Greek Movers are the best. They made my move so stress free and fast. The crew was on time and polite. They all from the office staff to the crew sent to my home were very professional and helpful. I highly recommend them and will use them for my office move coming up soon. Thanks Good Greek Moving.Keep up the great customer service and great more
Malija Juhase
19:45 23 Oct 19
This was one of the best moving experiences I have ever had! The workers were great! They completed the move very quickly and efficiently. Everything was moved in perfect, there was no damage and it was very clean. Amazing company I would hire them again and recommend to a more
Ada Mercado
23:47 24 Oct 19
Great company!!! From the office making things easy setting up my move to the day my actual move came up. Foreman Eric and his guys (Kevin & David) came and worked professionally and nonstop from start to finish. They protected all my belongings like if it was their own. Great experience I’ve ever had. 5 stars isn’t enough. Thank you so much Good Greek Moving. You guys are the best!!!read more
Bob Migliara Jr.
18:16 24 Oct 19
My great experience with good Greek moving and storage started with Robert Lopez visiting my home in talking with me and my wife about the experience we would have by using their service. A better representation of a company could not have been provided as Robert Lopez walked us through the moving process from beginning to end. Robert was truly knowledgeable patient and friendly. Robert was available to answer all of our questions and make us feel comfortable about good Greek handling our belongings. The movers arrived on time and wrapped everything just as Robert said they would. Thank you Robert and Good Greek for doing a great job in making moving day easy!read more
Eric Mercado
13:59 24 Oct 19
Hands down the best moving experience I have ever had. I have moved 5 times in the last 15 years and out of all the "Professional" moving companies I have hired, they surely showed professionalism. The guys were in uniform, truck nice and clean, very respectful and experienced guys. They moved nonstop from start to finish. If you are looking to move Good Greek Moving is the only way to go. They really are our "Superhero Movers"!read more
Lucinda Ghibaudy
16:59 24 Oct 19
I am so happy once again with Good Greek moving and storage! This is the second time they have moved me, Robert Lopez came out and gave me a guaranteed price on the job and I was so happy not to get any surprise charges on the job!! The movers were great everything was wrapped and quilt padded nothing was damaged not even my good china which I was so worried about!! Robert was there to answer all my questions and concerns and made sure my second move with them ran as smoothly as the first time!! If you want a professional company that actually cares about their customers and the quality of the work being done don’t call anyone else Good Greek will deliver just that!! I highly recommend them and will definitely be calling Robert again for my future moves!!!read more
Carlisha Lamb
11:52 25 Oct 19
I was very happy I decided to go with Good Greek to move me and my family. Eric and his crew came out and did a outstanding job. They worked hard and very efficient the whole move. They made sure everything was packed well and nothing was damaged. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Thanks again guys for the great move job and just know your hard work and dedication for your company didn’t go unnoticed. I will be recommending Good Greek to everyone I more
Adam Pharo
16:48 31 Oct 19
So I used this company last month to help me move across the county. Never used a moving service before but these guys came highly recommended by a few of my Coworkers. I spoke to Austin and he set it all up for me and let me tell you what I am really happy I used these guys. The price was amazing and to take all the stress out of moving all that stuff and going back and forth was awesome. If you or anyone you know are planning on moving anytime I would suggest you use these guys. Austin was amazing and he made the whole process effortless. Thanks again more
Jon Lome
16:47 06 Nov 19
We recently moved out of our town home and spent quite a while researching the right moving company for us. Finally, we landed on Good Greek, in part due to hearing their name daily on 105.9. From the very beginning the experience with Good Greek was just better than the rest. From the individual who came out to assess our move "Nick" to the movers themselves (Jeff's crew... what' an AWESOME CREW!!). We are looking forward to the second half of our move next week, and will not only use Good Greek again if/when we move next, I'll absolutely be recommending them to anyone who more
babyknox123 .
00:56 11 Nov 19
Good Greek Movers were awesome and I can say from experience. They showed up when expected, they moved quickly and were so professional. Nothing was broken, all items were wrapped and packed expertly. Courtney was helpful to me in knowing where furniture would fit when I was under some stress. His ideas were much appreciated. Angel could lift and carry even a mattress, he was amazing. Moving day is stressful, even if you’ve done it many times. These guys made it much easier and I can highly recommend. Thanks guys!read more
Waldo Cardoza
12:56 06 Nov 19
These movers are amazing. They did such an incredible job moving my stuff! They were courteous and had fantastic attitudes. They were very careful with my furniture and boxes. I can't thank them enough for a very smooth move. I highly recommend them for moving more
Dennis Haynes
15:24 13 Nov 19
Our move went according to the plan. I am highly impressed with their professionalism. Everyone played their part to perfection. The sales rep offered the best deal and explained the entire moving process to us. The foreman and the moving team worked really hard and gave their best to ensure a timely delivery and error free move. We have received all our stuffs in one piece and within the allotted time and the price was identical with the estimate. Really, I am impressed with such more
Alicia Avis
15:13 09 Nov 19
This company was the first professional moving service I have ever used. From the first time we spoke, the staff was so organized and detailed. I got a great price and a reasonable one thus making my move very affordable. I spoke to a couple other movers and they were pushy and very expensive. It was a job well done and within my budget. If I ever need a mover in the future, I will hire them again for more
Perry Barker
17:09 18 Nov 19
We hired Good Greek Moving & Storage based on online reviews and they did not disappoint. The moving team arrived on time, were friendly and professional and did a great job moving everything out of our 3rd floor apartment. As a bonus, their rates were far more reasonable than other companies we considered. We would definitely hire them more
Alexia Argeros
22:28 07 Dec 19
I wish I could give these guys 10 stars! Gustavo, Jose, Leo and Falcon moved my mothers home, my apartment into a 3 story town home in less than 6 hours! They were absolutely amazing and so fast! They are so organized and know what they are doing! You don’t have to worry about these guys damaging your furniture or scratching anything! I would recommend these guys to anyone who is moving! Thank you so much guys!!read more
Jack Harrison
13:40 12 Dec 19
Can't speak highly enough of this company. They were able to provide me with a quick, firm and competitive quote for my local move just by providing them with a couple of photos of my storage locker.! Throughout the process, salesman Michael kept me well informed and everything, including a stop off the pick up some additional items went like clockwork. The crew was incredible and actually seemed to be enjoying what they were doing! (same for Jenna in the office). I generally do not like writing reviews, but Good Greek certainly made a stressful day a lot more tolerable and I would not hesitate in using their services in the futureread more
Bill Florida
15:19 28 Dec 19
We moved my Mom from her home in Palm Beach to her new residence in Pompano. Every aspect of the move, from initial contact to delivery and setup was PERFECT! The two young associates were pleasant, personable and very respectful of Mom's possessions and home. I actually hate moving...Good Greek made this experience easy and actually pleasant. Thank you!read more
Noble Calvert
15:13 07 Jan 20
I have made several moves in the past and was not happy with the previous company that I had. The Good Greek Moving & Storage was very attractive and inviting. I hired them. Their sales rep was wonderful. The timing was perfect. They were very quick, professional and moved everything in very well I would certainly use them again and would recommend them to more
Leonardo Wilbanks
15:33 10 Jan 20
Everything about Good Greek Moving & Storage was fantastic. Their customer service was very friendly. The quote was very reasonable. The movers were great. They finished packing everything very quickly. The delivery was made on time and everything traveled very well. They stuck to their original quote which very rarely happens. In all, it was a very pleasant more
Donna Taylor
15:37 14 Jan 20
I am very grateful that Good Greek Moving & Storage helped me very much during my relocation. I had to move on short notice and they arranged everything for me. In fact, I was moved in a timely manner and my things were delivered in the best condition. Even with this top quality and fast service, I was still charged a price that was well within my budget. They are very trustworthy. Call more
Anthony Waters
13:37 21 Jan 20
I am glad that everything went according to the plan. I have moved to my new house last week. I was moving from 3-bedroom apt to 3-bedroom house. I hired Good Greek Moving & Storage because of their online reputation and for obviously for the quoted price which was more than just reasonable. I hired them for the full service. Movers showed up on time for the packing and loading and made sure nothing gets damaged during the journey. Everything was handed over in great condition and within the schedule and the final bill remained within the estimated price. I guess these are enough to consider Good Greek Moving & Storage as one of the best in more
Leigh Montague
14:28 23 Jan 20
We hired Good Greek Moving & Storage for our biggest move. The three men showed up with smiles on their faces ready to get the job done however long it took. They were so polite and courteous the entire duration of the move. When we got to our new house location they helped us rearrange our rooms for hours without any complaints. I would highly recommend and will use them more
Bill Abel
13:29 27 Jan 20
I had an excellent experience using Greek Moving. Austin and his entire team made the process as smooth as possible. I was impressed with their punctuality and professionalism. They took great care to protect my furniture by wrapping each piece, and they delivered everything on time and without a problem. It was my first time hiring a moving company and am glad I chose Good Greek Moving & Storage. They are a real moving company who take pride in their work. There are probably less expensive moving options but you get what you pay for, and with Good Greek I got excellent service , a great value and, most importantly, peace of more
Charles George
14:41 31 Jan 20
We are so glad we chose them. They did a great job with my recent move. Nothing was broken or even slightly damaged. We received our goods on time and they did not charge me with anything absurd. No hidden fees and no damages. Thank you for the excellent experience. We will definitely use you again if we moveread more
Darell Rosario
13:25 06 Feb 20
Most moving companies are out to make profits by whatever means. Fortunately, I can’t put Good Greek Moving & Storage in that category. I can say that because they handled my relocation without any issues whatsoever and in the end all my valuables survived the journey without even a single scratch on them. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very helpful. The movers were fantastic. They maintained the timings and worked very efficiently. I’m sure there are many moving companies who do the job well but they are mostly super expensive. These guys are meant for people like us who care about every penny more
Hugo Hugasian
22:38 12 Feb 20
From beginning to end, this company was extremely professional and proficient. I was very nervous about hiring a moving company especially after hearing and reading about all of the horror stories out there. Well, much to my surprise everything went as planned. The quote never changed, the price was fair and the crew that moved my entire family was by far the best part. They were so professional and courteous. They treated all of my furniture with care and not 1 item was lost or broken. All I can say is that, if you plan on moving be it short or long distance, GOOD GREEK is the way to go. Thank you for such an easy move. God bless you more
Enda Hacker
14:56 18 Feb 20
I have moved two times and both times I used Good Greek Moving & Storage to help me. They are the most affordable and the guys go over and above what they should to make everything easy. Both times my stuff arrived on time and everything in great condition. I'm recommending them to anyone who needs a mover not only for the prices but also the quality and customer more
Wiley Barr
12:59 21 Feb 20
They moved everything to my new location within a very short period of time. They were highly efficient and very sincere with their work. They completed the job within the budget and timeline and they were able to move all my belongings without any sort of damage. What impressed me most is that each and every crew of their team was extremely polite. They were well mannered and very careful about moving my belongings. I loved their service to the extent that I have already recommended them to my friends who are also planning to move next more
h mcginley
17:21 03 Mar 20
I just want to share my tremendous experience with Michael Blake. My friends’ sons offered to help us move furniture from Miami and we also spoke with a mover before meeting Michael. It only took 20 minutes speaking with him and we knew it was the right call to go with Good Greek. We weren’t disappointed. We got everything safely, on time and for exactly the price we were told. Contact Michael if you are moving!read more
Jim Ajdari
23:24 04 Mar 20
Great experience. I collect antiques from around the world upon my travels. Mainly large wood furniture. So its definitely NOT replaceable. Robert Lopez let me know that he would send his most experienced guys for the job. Well he certainly did. These guys really knew what they were doing. They were very polite and didn't mind me watching every more
Kwame Alvarado
13:10 14 Mar 20
Good Greek Moving & Storage did a great job moving us. We had another company move us from our house in the past. Their work was disastrous. But Good Greek Moving & Storage did a great job getting us into our new home. The moving team is always well coordinated and working fast per the time set aside to them. They were not only polite; they also made hard work fun for us all. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a more
Isidore Beard
13:13 16 Mar 20
Good Greek Moving & Storage impressed me at every aspect when they handled my move from PA to NY. The movers they sent were very professional. They showed up on time and were well prepared. The men were very creative while they packed up my belongings. They were super careful with my glassware. It paid off when they delivered everything. The careful packaging made sure my valuables would travel well. Everything was like clockwork with these guys. I can't wait to hire them more
Kristof Bryant
12:32 17 Mar 20
My family experience with Good Greek Moving & Storage was nice. They were punctual and came armed with the right tools for the job and were greatly motivated. The planning and execution of the move were done perfectly, and I interacted with the mover’s pretty well. They were cool and did not get angry with my many questions. They showed they can be relied on to get the job done in a safe manner, within a reasonable time frame, and at the best rates available more
Fotini Lampsa
23:52 13 Mar 20
The staff is great! I’ve used this company twice. Once was from out of state and the second time was instate. Both times with Nick Merisiotis and he was very responsive and informative about the process. The first move I had was very short notice and nick still found a way to get things done quickly which is why I chose to call him again the second time. The movers were very respectful of my property and efficient. They all really took a lot of the stress out of moving. I would not use any other company!read more
JJ Lano
16:33 19 Mar 20
The only word I have to describe the over all service from Good Greek is "WOW"!!!! From beginning to end... estimate to moving day... all of their employees are superb and professional! Phil was so helpful and kind during our estimate. No games no haggling just real numbers and very competitive to other movers. On the day of the move, the crew was ontime and efficient throughout the whole process. Every bed frame was wrapped perfectly and rebuilt thoroughly our new home! I highly recommend Good Greek and will never use nor recommend any other company!!!!! Thank you for your exceptional more
Marjorie Silverman
00:58 25 Mar 20
I moved to south Florida from New Jersey and unfortunately I then had to move to Jacksonville before returning to south Florida. Every move was a nightmare until the last move when I met Nick of Good Greek Movers and told him of my experiences. I even had saved pictures that were so unbelievable. I think he felt sorry for me because this guy is so sweet and honest and genuine. He promised me, nothing like that would happen. They would take good care of my things and the move would go smoothly. He told me the truth. They were on time. They were organized. They were polite. They were everything Nick promised they would be and I wasn’t charged a penny over what I was told it would be. The only thing I was upset about was Nick wasn’t there himself because he had a prior commitment. I have since recommended him to my daughter in Wellington who also had a wonderful experience and I can’t imagine anyone not feeling this way. He is not a relative of mine and I have no ulterior motive to say these things but they are true. After what I went through with the other mover, people deserve to know there is at least one top notch outfit with an honest and nice person in charge that will do a great more
Alexander Englike
11:06 26 Mar 20
I had hired Good Greek Moving & Storage for my recent cross-state move . The customer relations officer was very good and took care of all my concerns. They gave affordable rates compared to other companies and final price did not exceed the quoted price. I am very happy with the service. Bottom line, I got my move done quickly, all my belongings moved with no damages and they set all my furniture in the rooms the way I want it. Next time I definitely going to call them more
Stephanie Fernandez
17:12 27 Mar 20
What can I say I just moved to this new awesome house with my family and this experience was the best! Good Greek helped with everything. They were nice and professional. When I had questions they would answer in a good manner. Thanks to them I am living the life I have always wanted with my family. I recommend Good Greek 100%read more
Daniel Derto
08:19 28 Mar 20
All I was expecting from Good Greek Moving & Storage was to deliver my valuables without any damages caused to them. Their customer service seemed friendly enough to convince me. They quoted quite reasonably too. The moving team arrived on the moving day 10 minutes early. The movers worked very swiftly packing and loading every valuable of mine. My belongings arrived in great condition. They made sure, at every step of the way, that there were no issues. That is a serious level of efficiency in my book.. I would definitely recommend them for moving more
S Guess
22:17 25 Mar 20
Excellent moving experience! I would highly recommend them to anyone. From the beginning , the estimate from Billy was both informative and accurate. I knew exactly what to expect. The office staff was helpful throughout the entire process. The crew showed up on time and with a very clean truck and plenty of new blankets to use for wrapping of the furniture. My beds and desks were not only disassembled but also reassembled perfectly on the other side. The crew was extremely polite and courteous throughout the day. Just an overall great experience, Kudos for the effort. I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend more
Robin Aviles
23:59 21 May 20
Great job! This was my first move with good Greek and I will definitely use them again. I received an in home estimate from Billy that was very thorough and pretty much described how things were gonna go. No surprises the day of the move and that is what I am very happy about! Hard working crew that were very patient with helping me get everything set up at my new home. Hats off to Good Greek!read more
Andrew Cain
14:51 25 May 20
Moved my mother from Hobe Sound to Royal Palm Beach recently with Good Greek. They really are the "super hero" movers! Their team is professional and some of the hardest working gentlemen I've ever seen. I have never had a move go so effortlessly which really helped my moms anxiety about it. They had here out and in to her new place in no time at all and put everything in the proper places. They even moved the couches around a multiple times until my mom was perfectly happy where it was.I will preach Good Greek moving to anyone that wants to move! They really turned something stressful into a positive and effortless experience!read more
Kiana Vesely
19:50 25 May 20
Great job everyone at Good Greek !! From beginning to end our experience was so much better than we had with other companies. Jenna set our appt for estimate and was very courteous and professional. Billy came out to do the estimate which was very thorough and also informative. The price was competitive and the quality of the move was exceptional. Willie , Steven and Christian worked nonstop and were very polite and thoughtful throughout. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone!!read more
Eduardo Prieto
01:49 27 May 20
Today my wife and I moved from Miami to Winter Garden, florida. I cannot put into words the group of movers (gentlemen), that were assigned to pack and move our entire life in one day. They could not have been nicer and easier to get along with. All of them were very careful not to damage any of our belongings in any way. These are the men that we would both like to credit with a very un stressful day and a fantastic job: JeffMannyAbdiel Ronier KevinToryThey were professional, courteous and efficient throughout the entire day. These hard workers should be commended and rewarded by your company. Most the supervisor, Jeff who took care that we were satisfied completely. Thank for a great experience and a job well more
Carol A
14:31 02 Jun 20
We met Ed at a home show, we hadn't checked into a moving storage company yet so we stopped to talk to him. He explained everything & answered every question. When our new house was close to being build we called Ed, he came to the house & checked out boxes & totes & gave us a price, he later came out to give a total price with our actual move. We felt very comfortable with him so we went for it. I had called other companies no one would come out -asked a lot of questions over the phone & gave me a price. We stayed with Ed for the simple fact he saw what we had- we didn't want any hidden costs from the phone quotes - when they do come to the house, there is always a "well ya know" & they jack the prices up. no one likes that kind of surprise. Everything was set with Ed, the office called with my pick up date & 3 guys Jose, Andy & Gabriel showed up on time- they were very professional & moved 91 boxes & totes out of our house in 30 mins (wish it took that long for me to pack everything) Jerry called as they were leaving to make sure everything went smooth. It seemed like a lot of papers to initial & sign but everything was then sent to us (with the receipt) by email to read- NOTHING to make us say- uh-oh what did we sign. Now I feel better everything is safe & secure in their climate controlled storage unit. Everything done by 1 mover is so much better than dealing with a storage company & then a mover. Now I can relax & pack the rest of the house. Thank you guys I hope the move goes as smooth. See you guys soon THANK YOU Carol & Johnread more
Joanne Baker
21:34 09 Aug 20
I just moved yesterday and Good Greek Moving was great from the beginning to the end. Two of their admin staff called during and after the move to make sure everything was going according to plan and I was satisfied with their workers. The team of four guys showed up on time, packed everything to my satisfaction and were always courteous and respectful of me and my property. They did were masks to be safe.I will likely need movers again as this was for a temporary situation and I'll be calling Good Greek more
Otto McCullough
19:00 08 Aug 20
My experience with Good Greeks was awesome. Andrew, Jules, and Dwayne was very professional and did everything in a timely manner. No breaks and worked hard. They broke down everything and set everything up at my new home without any problem or complaints. I highly recommend using Good Greeks and if possible, request for those 3 workers listed. Great job guysread more
Mike Jones
14:34 16 Jul 20
I requested a free estimate and they beat 2 other estimates I received from other companies. They also included storage which saved me money from using public storage for all my furniture. I received a scheduled date for pick up and the move went smoothly! No problems! The team arrived early and wrapped all my furniture to protect it and they were professional and courteous! I highly recommend this company for all your needs. They cleared my house in record time and I will be using them again In about 4 months to move me to my new home that is being built. I plan on having them to also move things that was already in a storage unit that I packed myself. Again if you want a great deal and people who are reliable and professional this is the moving company to meet all your needs!!! Did I mention they also do a Military Discount 😊read more
Sam Y.
22:00 06 Nov 20
I cannot say enough how great my experience was with Good Greek Moving, and particularly with Mr. Robert Lopez! My parents house flooded and we needed to move out their entire house fast, quick, and in a hurry! They have traveled and lived all over the world, and have collected unique, delicate and priceless pieces of art and collectibles. At first I was scared, but after having Robert Lopez come out and guarantee they would treat my parents home like it was his own, I have to say he didn’t lead me wrong. His crew, lead by Wilfredo did an amazing job! Totally an amazing experience, and would recommend them to anyone and everyone! THANK YOU GOOD GREEK MOVING!read more
Rivzy XL
01:54 11 Dec 20
From start to finish it was a great moving experience. The sales guy Billy was great and always responsive. The scheduler was polite and friendly and the movers were focused and very hard working. They were extremely careful packing, wrapping and moving all our belongings for our out of state move. We did not have any damaged belongings at all. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend using them for your moving needs!read more
Mishelle Cullen
23:46 08 Dec 20
Mario and Shane did an excellent job setting me up in my new house. they were awesome - very professional, expedient, and careful. they were careful near walls and ceilings - they treated my belongings as if they were their own. They worked very well as a team and i would definitely recommend them for anyone making a big move. Good Greek is a great company - this is the second move I've used them for, and they were excellent both times. great communication, speedy service, upfront more
Frank Perry
14:43 18 Jun 20
GREAT SERVICE! My mother in law called these folks to move a hot tub from a friend's to ours. The 3 gentleman arrived promptly and did a fantastic job getting it to the back yard. They worked great as a team because my backyard terrible dirt that is super soft and they got through it no problem. All 3 were very respectful and trustworthy. I would recommend or call again. Thank you folks! Hot tub looks awesome in my back yard!read more
Kitchen’s Apron
17:42 23 Feb 21
Exceptional service and excellent crew! Duval and Emmanuel were amazing crew... they wrapped everything very carefully, were very polite, and delivered our very high end furniture very smoothly! They were very reasonable on price! Good Greek Moving is an outstanding company and I highly recommend this company for a stress free move and a trustworthy crew! An outstanding company like this deserves our business! I couldn't be happier with their service and responsiveness! Thank you so much! Appreciate you guys!read more
Nancy Boyle
21:24 22 Jun 21
Yesterday we moved from our house of 24 years. I used Good Greek Moving and Storage because of the company reputation and price. Little did I know that when Andrew M. and David H. arrived my stress completely disappeared. Andrew and David were completely professional, caring of not only my property but also my feelings about moving, and such hard workers!!! I have never seen two men work so hard in my life. And such great young men!!! I highly recommend Good Greek, and I hope you are lucky enough to have Andrew M. and David H. take care of your move. I am requesting Andrew and David for my move into my new home. Thank you Good Greek, Andrew M. and David H.!!!read more
Lauren Windle
22:44 02 Jul 21
OUR MOVE WAS SO EASY, thanks to Good Greek. We had a team of 4 and they were all great. Super fast, efficient and kind. I packed most everything but they made sure to take care of anything left out of boxes. They even stripped my bed for me when I wasn’t looking. Once we arrived to our new home, they made sure everything was set up to perfection. Each box was placed in the right room, making unpacking very easy for me. I cannot say enough great things. If you’re moving, this is worth every penny!Lauren Windleread more
P Roy M
02:09 29 May 21
Great experience with Good Greek Moving -- from initial visit and estimate to the actual move. The Moving "Dream Team" of Rene, Kevin, and Henry made OUR move a Dream!!! They were courteous, professional, and most importantly, organized and well orchestrated in the synergy with which they worked together. Meticulous in their wrapping, packing, loading, and unloading of our belongings, we knew we were in good hands. When it's time to finish our move out of storage, it'll be Good Greek and the Dream Team! Thank more
Sherry Brigham
18:55 15 May 20
They wk hard for our moved we had lot's of stuff & heavy items plus they unloaded a storage as well jus one thing tho I didn't think w fair to the other guys tho as we had everything labeled but I think 2 couldn't speak English out of the 5# t read the boxes & that would slow dw t others wking!! Then boxes would get put in t wrong place...After us mving from Loxahatchee acreage east coast of Fl. To t Parrish towards t West Coast of Fl. By t end of t nite I really didn't care where t boxes were jus long as they were in t house or garage They did wk hard thxs Juan, Leo, Sergio, Manny, Austin...You all tk care & be safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😘You all stay Safe😷 The Brigham familyread more
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Greek Moving and Storage
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Dennis Wyllen
Wow we had a great group of guys. Very professional with packing of all items. We have moved with other groups and hands down this is best. Upfront in person estimate all in price guarantee. We moved from Miami to Orlando. When finished and the price was the price quoted. 5 stars to the crew we had and for Robert the sales guy. The office checked in with us at the beginning and at the end. They made us feel they were concerned to hear if there were any issues. #stressfreemoveread more
Fred Zuckerman
Good Greek moved us yesterday. Three man team worked tirelessly for 10 hours. Not a single issue with a highly skilled team who "packed it all in". Mike Blake was on site to help and assist the team with an emphasis on "customer satisfaction".Count on Good Greek to get even the most difficult jobs done skillfully with a lot of hustle. They are the standard others should be judged against IMO. Thank you. 😀👍read more
Michelle Levin Marcus
My guys just left me Cecil,Courtney and Jean! They saved my life today! This was such a hard day for me Moving out of my family home. I'm a heart patient with diabetes and very limited to what I can do. They were my angels from heaven! Packed up my whole house And wouldn't let me lift a finger! I highly recommend them! OPA!!read more
Cindy Beam Boehmer
Just had the most wonderful experience with Good Greek. On time, 3 guys that were professional and very adept at packing what we hadn’t. They sure know how to pack a truck. They were here at 8am ( right on time) and out in 4 hours. Yes we had boxed a good deal ourselves, but I should have let them do my whole house. Faster and used so many less boxes. I highly recommended them!read more
Lisa Heintz
Good Greek truly supports their community. As a Gold Star Mother who lost her son in the Air Force 11/11/18, I reached out to Jack to assist with Believe With Me’s Freedom 4 Miler that raises money for Gold Star Families. We needed a moving truck to transport race equipment. There was no hesitation to provide us with one. When choosing a mover, remember Good Greek and their support of military families. Thank you again ❤️🇺🇸⭐️read more
Judith Spirt Brooker
Thanks to the Good Greek Crew especially Robert Lopez!! Everyone is super nice and very caring. They made the move for my 80 year old great aunt a piece of cake! I will be calling Robert and the gang again! Judi more
Laura Ronan Wolfe
Moving was never so easy! Cecil and Joseph showed up right on time and took great care with our furniture and boxes. I was pleasantly surprised with their efficiency, especially since we were paying hourly. As soon as they left, Michael came to make sure we were pleased with the service provided. ABSOLUTELY!!!My husband and I highly recommend!read more
Paul Debogorski
Good Greek moved my furniture to my new townhouse in Abacoa. The movers were absolute professionals from beginning to end, wrapping everything up, and reassembling my furniture, even moving some heavy & bulky pieces upstairs. They made sure everything was right before leaving, and there were no surprise fees, the price Robert quoted me in writing was the price they stuck more
Ernestino Rodriguez Jr.
I was referred to these guys by a neighbor. The level of service, efficiency and honesty is worth 10 stars in my book! My son lost his cell phone about 2 weeks prior to the move. As the guys were moving a bed, they found it. To my surprise one of the movers put it on a box upstairs and as he was coming down mentioned he found a cell phone and where he put it. Totally caught me off guard! Guys are honest hard workers! Thank you!read more
Dayna Bloom-Sethness
Very dependable, professional and courteous. Exceeded expectations. Answered all questions and the crew went above and beyond without any hesitation. Highly recommend and will recommend to all my future clients!! A+++++read more
Jane Gelman Kaufman
Best service ever!!most reliable and great guys!!
Bill Cross
Very dependable, professional and courteous. Arrived when promised and delivered when promised. Exceeded expectations.
Alyssa Treccioli
I had the pressure put on me to find a moving company to move a VERY heavy and VERY expensive sound booth for my job. I knew instantly who to call! Austin from Greek helped coordinate the move and was professional and easy to work with. I was so at ease that I had made the right choice! Moving day came and the guys were extremely careful with the equipment, my bosses were very impressed! I myself will be using them for my upcoming move! Greek moving is the full package, fair priced, professional and reliable!read more
Pj Snyder
Had the pleasure of working with good greek moving and storage recently. They were fantastic, Austin goes above and beyond for their clients.
Chris Colbert
Here is the email I sent Michale Blake, the Greek Moving representative who visited my home and gave me an amazing estimateGood evening MichaelI wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and let you know how completely satisfied and happy I was with my move and Greek Moving. From the start, you all were extremely easy to deal with and very professional. The team that handled my move was flawless in every detail. They did the job right and much quicker than I expected. You all are the best in South Florida and I will always use and only recommend Greek Moving. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my move. I truly appreciate it.Sincerely,Chris Colbertread more
Duane McShane
From the moment we met with Richie at our home for the guaranteed estimate, we knew we were in good hands. Was Greek the least expensive quote we received? No, but the quality, professionalism, and peace of mind was well worth every penny. The closing on our house was pushed back a week and with one short call to Richie our moving date was changed. When Alex and his exceptional crew showed up the morning of the move, they were friendly and very professional. They respected our property, moved everything with care. Packed our TV and pictures perfectly. In 2 and a half hours had out 2nd floor condo and storage unit on the road to our new home.Upon arrival at our new home (250 miles away) Alex and his crew unloaded everything with the same care and professionalism as when the loaded. Everything was put in it's place and arrived intact and unharmed.We highly recommend Greek Moving & Storage and will be advising all of our family and friends who are in need of a moving service to consider no one more
David Gastman
Our move was excellent due to the teams of Good Greek.
Michelle Legere
I used this Compant today to Move they are exceptional the best service very professional, Quick, Clean cut Gracious men so very pleased. I believe u get what u pay for. I would recommend Greek Moving & Storage more
Vanessa Teitler
Seriously the best experience! We used Good Greek for our long distance move from South Florida to metro Atlanta and they were awesome! From Mike Blake at the very start to Dario, Juan and Miguel who loaded the truck and finally Junior and Adrian who did the unloading at our final destination. All wonderful professionals who made everything so easy for more
Wendell Blakeley
We had the perfect move ! From the initial meeting everyone at Greek Moving was on time, professional and hard working and friendly. Truck loaded in under two hours - then three hour drive and truck emptied and placed exactly where we wanted - . All went exactly as planned. Could not ask for a better experience - Thank you all at Greek Moving. Wendell Blakeleyread more
Amy Cohen Edelman
I would like to thank Good Greek Moving and Storage for donating their time to help the Broward County Pre-K teachers move much needed supplies up to Panama City so that their pre-k classes can feel comfortable in their temporary schools!!! Way to go!!! I listen to the KVJ show every morning and Virginia always recommends your class company. I am now a Good Greek fan also!!!read more
Simone Bonspille
Thank you so much for volunteer to bring school supplies from Broward Co. up to the schools that were affected by hurricane Michael. You guys are the best!!!! ♥️
Samantha Voth
Best move of my life! The guys made everything so quick any easy. Completely done in less than four hours, pretty sure that’s a record. If you’re looking for a great moving team, Greek moving and storage is the only way to go! Thank you again!read more
Rob Tinley
Great experience with greek moving a storage! From the Saleman Richie Sanchez, to the woman in the office, and the moving crew! Don't go with the cheap companies who will Nickel and dime you at the end. Go with Greek and their guaranteed pricing. Highly recommend!read more
Alicia Burgess Jones
I chose Good Greek to move my 5,000+ 3 story house from Knoxville to Palm Beach and I am so glad I did. From the beginning Michael followed up with me on every question I had (and I had many) almost instantly. If he didn’t have the answer he checked with his boss and got back to me quickly. The move was going to be challenging because our home in Tennessee wasn’t accessible for a semi. Good Greek decided to rent a local truck, load it at our house then transport it to a truck stop and reload it to the semi. I had three of the most wonderful men as movers: Jose, Jonathan and Manny. Out of all the movers we have had in the past I can not say enough about how amazing these guys were. They took time to be sure all the “special things” were packed correctly and communicated with me constantly. Not one time did I hear a complaint or negative comment about anything I asked them to do. Good Greek accommodated my need to pack one weekend then hold everything until the next weekend due to closing dates of houses. They scheduled the same team to unpack me which was wonderful. Jose, Manny and Jonathon Manny once again did an amazing job unpacking everything. They didn’t rush to just get done and go home. They actually cared and were concerned about my things. I even have very fine European Crystal that I have broken before just from hand washing them and NOT ONE OF THEM were broken during the move. I was amazed!!!!The only mistake I made during the move was purchasing the additional insurance, with these guys I didn’t need it!!!!!Amazing job Good Greek Movers!!! You guys have got it going on! I will recommend and use only you in the future! PS. I don’t know what you pay this team but whatever it is, it’s not enough! They are great ambassadors for your company!read more
Jack Jdrox
Last week I moved and I used Good Greek Moving. I was present during the move. They loaded everything in place and during the time we reserved.
Harrabey Friedman
Both my son and my daughter have had Greek Moving as they moved to different houses. My son was extremely satisfied with the excellent professionalism of the movers and the fair and honest pricing. He just hired them to move my daughter into her new townhouse and the movers were efficient, on time and were professional. I would highly recommend Greek Moving and Storage.Harrabey Friedmanread more
Teresa Bloeser
Last month, we had furniture delivered to my new home. Greek movers loaded the truck on February 27 and delivered it the following day soon after I closed on the home. They responded soon after I called to give them the okay. Although they did not have too much to move, I did have a few pieces that needed to be assembled after they disassembled it. I also had a Sleep Number bed they took apart and connected back together. I had a lot of concerns seeing as my last move years ago with another local company was a terrible experience. Greek Movers, particularly Alex and Luis, were professional and worked tirelessly to get the job done with no mishaps. I kept taking out more tip money seeing how hard they worked. I would hire Greek again and recommend them to more
Dan McLaughlin
Lisa Sliney
Tara LoVerso
Great job! Great price will definitely be using them again
Tabatha Cabrera
Good Greek Movers not only goes above and beyond for their clients; but, they are competitive, efficient, and friendly! We highly recommend them for any of your moving needs- across the street or across the country, they are the only choice! Robert Lopez was honest and always over delivers to our clients! Thank you Greek for making moving so easy!read more
Kimberly Aycock Ortiz
They were the best, they took great care of our stuff, were very patient and placed the furniture exactly where I wanted it, ( even though I changed my mind several times), best moving experience ever. If you are moving you will not be disappointed with their more
Dan Gonzalez
Very responsive. Everyone was professional and pleasant. While not the cheapest, the service was outstanding. I would recommend to anyone.
Tommy Grace
My name is Lynn Druck and contacted Greek Moving to move my household belongings from storage in Stuart to Okeechobee. I was met by very courteous movers, Kendy, Mojica and David. These gentlemen were very nice and lightning fast. Everything was handled very professionally and with tender loving care. The entire staff including Linda Garcia were available each time I called and on the day of the move called me to check on the progress.Highly recommend this company to everyone needing assistance with a more
Katherine Vailakis Tsamasiros
Good Greek Moving and Storage is the best! Spero and his team did a great job moving antique furniture, china, and art work from Miami to New York City. Prices are reasonable and the service is professional, thorough, prompt, and carefully done. I highly recommend using them for any type of more
Dorothy Kossman
We moved from NJ to Florida in October. When Christian and his partner ( I called speedy the moving man) came to our home the 18 wheeler van could not fit up my 1500 ft long narrow driveway. They actually had to go get a smaller truck packed it up then drive to the 18wheeler unpack and come back.We had ran out of boxes and they not only supplied some boxes and tape they also boxed up our things. Christian and Speedy (wish I could remember his real name 🙁 ) securely wrapped all our furniture and items. I had one very special box that I explained to Christian was the most important box he was moving. I actually was going to take it with me but felt so comfortable with these two professional and friendly gentlemen that I decided to let them take it.It was the last box to leave with these two wonderful men. They arrived in Fl before we did but were at my new home the very next day we got there. They came with a smile and more hands so this visit was quick. They set up everything exactly where I asked them to and all done with friendly faces. They even provided me with a comedy show. We moved my husbands ride on mower down and he was not home at the time so they had the duty to get it started and going. Thats when the show began. A few took turns trying to get it started and drive. Funny watching them riding in circles trying to get the mower to go straight. Christian saved the day though. Christian also came in personally carrying my very special box. Everything was delivered without incident. This was all accomplished at a price that was better than others and NO EXTRA FEES ! What we were quoted was the final price. We really do not have plans on moving again but if we ever do I know who to call. Thanks for the memorable more
Maria Blanck
Robert came out gave us a flat fee estimate. The move went very smooth. No problems at all. Their movers are very competent and professional. I have recommended them to several other people and all have had a good experience!read more
Rita Lombardo
Peter Oakes
Greek moving was great!!! They moved us from Miami to St. Augustine. They used 4 men who knew how to pack everything. The house was packed on a Tuesday and delivered unpacked on Wednesday. Great job!!!read more
Sheila Fowler
I can't put into words how great the team at Greek Moving are. It started with the initial meeting to the move itself. These guys went above and beyond for me. If we ever move again (I hope not), we will use Greek Moving once again. My husband & I will recommend Greek Moving to everyone we meet. Thank you again for a great move and just wonderful movers!!read more
Michael Patipa
I had a magnificent experience with Greek moving. Junior (Narcissus) and his team were the best, from moving me out of my office to helping me relocate. As a recently retired surgeon of 36 years I acknowledge quality and this entire organization was the more
Jonathan Frank
Love this company!!! If you need a reliable moving company call and contact Robert Lopez he will get you clarity, peace of mind, and a set price that won't change. I'm a top producing Realtor in Palm Beach County, and highly reccommend this company to all of my more
Debra Rose Schirm
Friend moved yesterday with them said they were great!
Robert Migliara
I can't praise this company enough. Greek Moving and storage is absolutely the best in business. Their Integrity truly shows in their practices. On time, honest and consistent. I have used them countless times and have always been satisfied. Other movers just don't compare. They're simply the more
Nate C. Mendenhall
We had some bumps in the road, but Greek Moving and Storage went over and above to make sure that we were completely satisfied. Spiro and John truly care about their customers and don't hesitate to get involved if something goes awry. Highly recommended!read more
Sue Kocsis
From start to finish it was a great move! Taimir, our salesperson, was knowledgeable and professional. Chuck was great keeping us informed along the way. I can't say enough about Andres and his crew. Professional, friendly, helpful and even put up with my dogs with no complaints. Anyone considering a move would be well advised to contact Greek Moving and Storage for a move that has been trouble free and actually fun!!!!!Next week they're moving my husband's shop!read more
Colleen Marie
Very professional and beyond helpful ..... Completely stress free move ...Will definitely be recommending them to everyone !!!
Ryan Scott Franklin
Very professional and helpful with all my needs!! Thanks for all your hard work in and out of the office!!
Sharon Franklin Gronborg
Nick Morgenstern
Christina Ecker
My husband and I have moved several times over the past 20 years, and we have never had as pleasant an experience as we had with Greek Moving and Storage. We received a fair estimate which was actually reduced on the day of our move when we decided not to move one room of furniture. The furniture from our 4 bedroom home was expertly and carefully wrapped and loaded on the truck in less than 3 hours, and equally as professionally unloaded and resembled in our new home. There is simply no reason to look any further than Greek Moving and Storage for your moving needs!read more
Jess Arévalo
Great company! Made my moving super easy. Highly recommend them. Great customer service too!!
Jay Pressley
Greek Movers and Storage is the best ; hands down! Before I booked my move with other movers, the other movers could not complete with Greek Movers and Storage have thr very best rates, first month's storage ay no cost to me.My journey began when I called. Greek Movers ;Nick came to my home in Riveria Beach, Florida and gave be a hard dollar quote for moving and for maybe two months or more. When movers arrived as scheduled. Scott Duval and crew arrived and immediately started packing and moving boxes to their moving van. Friendly, helpful and courteous. Outstanding and professional movers. My furniture and personal belongings where stored as agreed. Approximatley two months, I phoned Greek Movers and spoke with Reesa. I expained to Reesa when we needed our furniture. No problems what so ever. Again friendly, helpful and professional. During the delivery process Zac called to ensure all was going as planned. Great service. My furniture was delivered as panned. My furniture and personal belongings arrived in the same condition as when first packed.All in all; great service, trained and professional staff - top to bottom and reasonable cost. No other professional movers and storage could complete with Greek Moving and Storage. I totally and honestly highly recommend Greek Movers and Storage if you are looking for professional, reliable, safe and cost effective movers and storage theirs only one for me; and that's Greek Movers and Storage. Jay B. Pressleyread more
Karen Vincent
Superb customer service! They care for their customer from the first phone call to the delivery of the furniture. Everyone I dealt with were professional and caring. I had a long distance move and was thrilled to hear Greek Moving and Storage were handling the move from start to finish. No handoffs. They took the stress out of moving. Thanks again for the good work and for more
Jessica Garbarino
I used Greek Moving and Storage this past weekend for a local move. I was impressed with the whole process. All the pricing and policies were explained up front. I received confirmation the day before. The crew arrived bright and early Sat morning and were done sooner than I expected. Very courteous and friendly and careful with all my belongings. I will be recommending your services to all my friends and family!read more
Pierre Baillargeon
Easily the best moving experience I've ever had. Extremely professional, efficient and well organized. Highly recommended!
Michael Dominguez
Greek moving and storage did a great job moving us. The guys were very professional. There was no wasted time. They showed up and went right to work wrapping and protecting our furniture. They completed the move in about 6 hours, which is very efficient work for a 4 bedroom house. I'm very appreciative for Greek Moving and the fantastic job they did! I will definitely recommend them to all my family and more
Antonio Medina
Greek Moving and Storage has been a blessing for me and my family. They moved us across Florida and it was a smooth transaction. They were on time, fast, and took better care of my furniture then I would have. I have used a lot of companies but none could more
Derek Andruss
Greek Moving did a great job. They worked quickly and took care in handling our goods. The communication was good as they called the day before to confirm the move time.
Vickie Rios-Burk
I have to say that the movers from Greek moving and storage are awesome they're careful with your stuff they treat you very nice and their courteous great group of guys recommend to anybody
Maria Franco-Bavaro
We moved in December, Christmas week. They came on time, were quick, professional, did everything they said they would... Their price was fair. Great Job!!
Sylvia Valentin
James Locke
They moved my wife and I, they did everything they said they were going to do. On time, fast, clean, friendly, in uniforms. Will recommend, professional, awesome. Thank you, Robert.
Whitney Hernandez
Brock DeLorenzo
Wonderful experience! Very quick and thorough. I will definitely use again.
Kristen Stimson
Where it started with a mix up on timing, Greek Moving showed up and did an incredibly fast job moving my moms 83 year old uncle. They even went above and beyond and bought a present for my new little one! I look forward to them moving my family into our new house next year. Ask for Michael when you call. He really cares about his clients and his business and will make sure you are taken care of. Thanks Greek Moving and Storage!read more
Crystal Marie Magnant
This is by far the BEST moving company I have ever used! The guys where fast, sufficient, and just all around great people. I would absolutely use them again and I would highly recommend them! P.s they came and packed and moved my whole house in just a couple days notice:)read more
Susan Hanley
This company is fantastic, from the owner to his professional staff. The prices were great the service was even better. The move was from FL to GA . It was hands down one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and there has not been too many. If are planning a move from FL and you hire anyone else you are making a big mistake. We love you guys!!!!!!!! Sue from GAread more
Andres Rosales
Christian Lopez
Fishity Reyes
Best move ever! Great professionalism! Would recommend to everyone!
Venessa D'Angelo Peterson
Thanks Greek Moving and storage. Zack Franklin and his team did a fabulous job getting us out and into our new place in 4 hours!!!!! amazing!!! You made our life easier!!!
Ashley Dickerson Hobbs
I just used Greek Moving and Storage for my local move. They moved everything in my 5 bedroom home filled with 11 years and 3 kids of stuff! They did a great job, were respectful, took pride in their work, were caring with my belongings, trustworthy, wrapped everything with wrap and/or blankets. I was totally impressed and would highly recommend them (and have already) and that should say a lot as I would say I am a pretty picky/particular person! However, after packing up my house in 3 weeks, I hope I don't have to use them for a long, long time! Thanks Greek Moving! Efharisto!read more
Jeanpeare Garcia
Susan Bennett Daly
Greek Moving & Storage was recommended to us by a couple who came to our moving sale. We had spoken with quite a few movers over the last month and figured one more couldn't hurt and we needed to make a decision. From the first phone contact, we were impressed. Very professional all the way. They came out and gave us a firm quote for the total job. No hidden charges. Arrived on time,as promised on moving day (5/18/15). Packed and loaded all our belongings. We couldn't move to our new home until today. Our things were kept in the truck (not intermingled with other households ) and kept at their warehouse until this morning, when they drove to our new home inSummerfield , FL 4 hours away. They arrived as promised at noon today. We could not have adked for a better moving experience. Professionals all the way. Honest and more
Andrea Romero
We are a military family so we have moved a lot. Local moves, overseas, out of state, we have done it all. Our last move with Greek moving was the best we ever had. The guys work fast and sufficient and are really friendly. Nothing got broken and they moved our entire big house (2moving trucks) in one day. They were awesome and I will recommend them to anyone who needs a good moving service! Thank you guys for making a stressful time easier on us!!!read more
Spero Georgedakis
Congratulations to GREEK MOVING for a great day today! I wish you all the best; you deserve it. Keep up the great work; south Florida needs an honest and reputable mover due to the many unscrupulous companies out there. For the best move ever, simply call **GREEK from your more
Jeffrey Valentin
John Garcia
Moving is always a hassle, but not when you hire Greek Moving! Stress free, professional movers, takes the hassle out of moving.
Matt Jones
Simply the best. They came highly recommended from a friend.
Peter Dominguez
Ricardo Lopez
Ryan Franklin
Wrapped all my furniture and nothing was harmed. Best movers around for sure.
Anthony Baye
Great service, trustworthy, understanding, capable
Cynthia Heathcoe
Night 2 - I'm home. I couldn't have done it without the help of Greek Moving and Storage. The closet thing to Stress Free Moving. You guys are the BEST!
Christine Cottrill
David Osorio
Austin Glidewell
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Hiring A Mover You Can Trust in South Florida

Whatever kind of move you are making, it’s important to start with a company that you can trust. Moving is an anxious enough experience without partnering with a business that you’re not sure about. When looking for a mover in South Florida, make sure to avoid scam artists and “fly by night” moving companies.

You want a company with the experience and professionalism offered through Good Greek Moving & Storage. We’re a company that puts the customers first in everything we do.

When looking for a mover who you can trust, look for the following.

  • A good online reputation
  • Licensed for every kind of move (local, statewide, nationwide, global)
  • A full-service company that offers services such as packing, unpacking, disassembly and assembly of furniture, a full complement of packing supplies
  • Offers the required insurance and can connect you with a third-party insurer if you want more coverage
  • Years of experience

About Good Greek Moving & Storage

Good Greek Moving & Storage prides itself on offering the best moving service you can get moving into or out of Florida. We’re even the official movers of the Miami Marlins! Our commitment to serving the people of this area – and the new arrivals who move here every day – is strong.

Getting a free quote is as easy as giving Good Greek Moving & Storage a call. Contact us and find out how we can make this your Best Move Ever.

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Best Move Ever

Across town or across the country, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Good Greek Moving & Storage is the only company to offer ‘The Best Move Ever’, insuring a stress-free move on time and on budget. Serving Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County