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Easy Tips for Making Your Tiny Home Feel Big
By GoodGreekMoving

Many people have found that they love the endearing simplicity of a tiny house and are delighted by how low maintenance it can be. However, design choices have much more noticeable effects in smaller spaces, and it takes some foresight to keep things from feeling cramped. In order to ensure that your home feels cozy rather than claustrophobic, check out these easy tips for making your tiny home feel big.

Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Uncovered windows and natural light are both great ways to immediately create a sense of openness and space. Covering the windows in your tiny home with blinds, especially those in darker colors, can quickly make your space feel oppressive and boxed in. Letting in natural light is a great way to make your small home feel airy and uninhibited, and a view out the windows creates the illusion of your space being larger than it actually is.

Organization Is Essential

When you live in a tiny home, efficient and skilled use of space becomes all the more critical in creating a pleasant and spacious atmosphere. Making the best possible use of what little space you do have will create a sense of roominess and make the room feel bigger. 

Use tips and tricks to organize your kitchen cabinets, so everything fits and isn’t left to clutter the counters. While clutter can immediately make your home feel overcrowded, nothing creates a sense of openness like free, clean, uncluttered counter space.

Install Glass Cabinet Doors

Much like leaving your windows uncovered, replacing old opaque cabinet doors with glass ones will help keep you from feeling too boxed in. Even the sleekest of cabinets are bound to take up a fair bit of space, so allowing yourself to see into that space will do wonders to create a feeling of roominess. An added bonus of glass cabinet doors is that they allow you to better appreciate the look of your well-organized belongings, which will help you feel a sense of satisfaction and order.

When you live in a tiny home, it’s more crucial than ever to make the best possible use of what little space you have on hand. Some great ways to quickly create the feeling of having more space include allowing natural light to stream in by leaving your windows uncovered, carrying similar themes over to your storage cabinets by utilizing glass cabinet doors, and staying highly organized. These few simple changes will make a world of difference in the perceived size of your tiny home.

When you live in a small home, it is imperative that you keep it clean to give it the impression of more space and to keep pests and smells from invading the home. Click here for tips on preventing mold damage to your little home.


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