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5 Ways Moving Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer
By The Good Greek

Moving is almost always stressful. Hiring the wrong moving company can take that stress and turn it up about 10 notches.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to do research and find reputable, experienced moving companies that treat customers fairly and with respect. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a situation where after going through a move, you then need to hire an attorney.

There are a number of ways you can end up in this situation.

Bad moving companies have a variety of ways they can scam people and leave them with no alternative but to file complaints with the company, complaints with agencies like the Better Business Bureau, and ultimately file action in court.

Here are five ways that unfortunate point can be reached. We’ve also included ways to avoid these mistakes by hiring a reputable company such as Good Greek Moving & Storage.

Take the Money and Run

A common scam is for a mover to ask a customer to give them a large cash deposit. Then, they simply disappear with your money and you never hear from again – and you can’t find them, either.

Avoid this mistake by only hiring a moving company that meets you in-person and provides a free, written price estimate for your move.

Upcharge on Moving Day

Movers may offer you a price that’s very low. Because it seems so cheap, it’s tempting to take it. Then, once your items are on the truck on moving day, the price suddenly increases. For example, they will cite fees or tariffs that weren’t mentioned before. This is one of the most common scams.

Again, this can be avoided by getting an in-person, free estimate that is a written price for your move. That way, you have not only met a representative of the company, but also have a written contract.

Holding Your Items Hostage

This actually happens more often than you think. As part of the “moving day upcharge” scam, a bad mover will keep your items on the truck unless you pay more money. They may even disappear with your belongings if you don’t pay the higher price.

The written contract helps here, as well. So does thoroughly checking out the mover’s reputation and ratings in online reviews. You also want to check to see if they are properly licensed by the government and listed with the Better Business Bureau before you decide to hire them.

Illegal Movers

Operating as a legitimate moving company in South Florida or anywhere else requires the proper licensing. For example, Good Greek Moving & Storage is properly licensed to handle local, statewide and nationwide moves. But some companies will claim to have the proper paperwork in place, when in fact they are operating illegally,

To avoid this, ask to see the company’s proper licensing paperwork or check with the state to ensure they are a legitimate company.

Insurance Scam

By law, movers are required to offer standard insurance that essentially covers the nicks and scrapes that may occur during a move. They are not insurers beyond this. However, some companies will entice you to pay a hefty extra amount for insurance that they can’t legally provide.

To avoid this, only hire companies that offer the standard insurance and then provide you with contact information with third-party insurers should you wish to get additional insurance.

Moving is hard enough. You don’t want to also end up in court over it, trying to get your scammed money or stolen belongings back. Take the time to research what moving company you hire and ensure they are legitimate, experienced and have a good reputation.

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