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3 Tips for Taking the Headache Out of Selling Your Home

Placing your home on the market can be a stressful event. Worries about whether your home will sell for your asking price, facing competition from surrounding home inventory and buyers backing out at the eleventh hour can all lead to headaches and anxiety for sellers. Here are three tips for taking the headache out of selling your home.

Plan Carefully if You’re Buying at the Same Time

One of the best ways to buy a new house is to sell the one you currently have to generate a large down payment. However, if planned poorly, this could spell disaster for some. Most sellers will want to avoid paying two mortgages at the same time if possible. You can avoid this conundrum by carefully planning your timing and offers. For example, placing a contingent offer on a house you wish to buy allows you the failsafe of being able to rescind your offer if your home does not sell. Another way to avoid having to pay two mortgages at the same time is to ask for an extended settlement period. For example, you can request to close on your new house within a 90-day period, which will afford you extra time to get your home sold.

Repair as You Go

Ongoing home maintenance can be the key to preventing a larger disaster that may cause a buyer to back out or a home inspection to go awry. Get big repairs done and out of the way before your listing goes live. Attracting potential buyers becomes much easier when they know that any repairs or sprucing up needed are minor in nature.

Create Visual Appeal

One way to distinguish your home from others on the market is to create eye-catching visuals. Buyers often make their decision on whether to put an offer in on a house within the first few minutes of arriving at the property. Something as simple as replacing landscaping or removing clutter and staging the home is enough to give your property a face-lift. Other inexpensive ways to improve the appeal include adding a fresh coat of paint to the trim and doors or adding fresh flowers.

Selling your home does not have to be an arduous process. Taking small steps, such as paying attention to ongoing home maintenance or investing in some sidewalk sprucing, can yield a significant return on investment. Take care to consider the timing of listing and purchasing homes to avoid the headache of a double mortgage. With careful planning, you’ll have multiple offers in no time!

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